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Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube 3.4 fl oz in ALL COLORS
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About the Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube 3.4 fl oz

Cups that runneth over are one of the perks of new mama-hood but we all know that those great pregnancy and nursing boobs are not a permanent perk – they are on loan and the rent is high! The skin on your décolleté is fragile and not very elastic, so you need to protect it from rapid growth during all those cup size changes (in both directions). Pregnancy Boob Tube is rich in vital Omegas (which are naturally depleted during pregnancy and nursing) to help lock in hydration, strengthen and elasticise. We’ve also added natural firmers and antioxidants to protect skin from sagging. We have even sourced the incredible extract from cabbage, the age-old secret to help soothe swollen nursing boobs.


Ingredients include:



Nature’s wonderfully powerful antioxidant that helps prevent collagen degradation to stop sagging.


Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) Extract

A natural antioxidant to help prevent free radical damage to delicate skin to keep it strong.


Organic Evening Primrose, Organic Sweet Almond, Organic Olive and Avocado Oils

All packed with Omegas, Vitamins D and E. Superbly moisturising, keeping skin firm and elastic.


Organic Shea Butter 

An omega-rich natural elasticiser that helps stave off sagging.


Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil

Increases cell renewal and helps reduce excess pigmentation. Superbly moisturising and healing.


Blueberry Extract

Antioxidant that eases skin inflammation and reduces sag by strengthening collagen and improving microcirculation.


Red Cabbage Extract

A wonderful source of Vitamin C and E plus phytonutrients that help fight free radicals and detoxify.


Green Cabbage Extract

Helps increase blood circulation to ease swelling and discomfort. For years breast-feeding mums have applied cabbage leaves to their boobs to relieve swelling and pain.


Hibiscus contains a firming agent, that also calms and smoothes skin, increasing moisture and suppleness.

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