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Naturalmat - Quilted Mohair Mat Crib Mattress in ALL COLORS
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About the Naturalmat - Quilted Mohair Mat Crib Mattress

The scary chemicals that you sometimes find in modern products are a recent invention, so when you want natural and chemical-free gear for your baby, you can just look back at what materials people used in the past. Mohair, the fur of the angora goat, is one of the oldest textile fibers in use: one can almost imagine a goatherd saying, “Hey, it looks pretty comfortable on my goats, perhaps I should try it on too!” Mohair is durable, resistant, naturally flame resistant, and has terrific insulating properties, and it’s removed from the goat without harming it – it’s all pretty ideal.


Mohair is a key ingredient in Naturalmat’s most luxurious crib mattress: the Naturalmat Mohair Mat Crib Mattress. It’s their firmest, most supportive crib mattress, and it’s designed for optimal breathability and temperature control. The layers of the Mohair Mat Mattress include:


  • A center layer of horsetail hair, which Naturalmat describes as “the longest and most durable natural fibre in the world” (they’re British, thus the spelling);


  • Layers of organic coconut coir, which provides additional breathable firmness;


  • A luxurious layer of silky needled mohair tufting, providing both thermal insulation and natural flame resistance;


  • And finally, a removable and machine-washable cotton cover.


This crib mattress contains no polyethylene, no PVC, no synthetics, no scary chemicals whatsoever: you’ll recognize how all-natural it is when you take a whiff and don’t smell that “new mattress” smell!


The Naturalmat Mohair Mat Crib Mattress measures 52” x 28”, so it will fit in any standard-sized baby crib. Just add some cute organic bedding, and you’ve got the most restful, cozy, and safe sleep environment possible for your babe! All items are made by hand in Devon, UK.

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