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Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress in ALL COLORS
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About the Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress (available in 8 colors)

In its most common usage, the word "pure" means "unmixed" - that is, pure orange juice is exactly what you get when you apply a whole lot of pressure to an orange, with nothing added. By that standard, the Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress doesn't quite fit the bill; there are quite a few ingredients in the Nook recipe. But we like what the dictionary has to say a few entries down: "free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes (2):  containing nothing that does not properly belong."


That has always been Nook's mission in building the perfect nursery bedding and crib mattresses: to keep everything improper or unsafe away from your peacefully sleeping babe. The Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress contains exactly what it should, and neither contains anything that it shouldn't: no chemicals, no toxins, no allergens. Layer by layer, the crib mattress includes:


  • A removable, machine-washable "Pebble" cover: The asymmetrical surface of Nook Pebble mattresses doesn't just look cool: it's also designed to maximize airflow around your sleeping baby. Nano-level waterproofing agents make it easy to keep your mattress cover clean, since liquids just bead up so you can wipe them off; this prevents moisture from seeping into the other layers and attracting fungi and microbes. The mattress cover is made with eucalyptus fibers infused with zinc, providing a cozy moisture-wicking, gentle, breathable surface that naturally repels bacteria, fungi, mites, and odor.
  • A fire barrier made with certified organic wool, which also provides effective heat regulation to help your baby stay cool on hot days.
  • A sub-surface air layer that promotes increased interior air circulation.
  • A natural coconut and latex core with aerated channels: the materials come from sustainable rubber and coconut trees, and provide improved thermal benefits and orthopedic support.


Every aspect of the Nook Pebble Pure Crib Mattress has been carefully tweaked and tested to ensure your child's comfort and safety. Nook mattresses are billed as "the world's most considered infant mattress," and we can't imagine how it could be better. It provides the purest peace of mind for new parents, banishing worry that doesn't belong when the whole household is trying to get a good night's sleep!


Measures 53" x 28" x 4"; weighs 25 pounds; fits a standard-sized crib.


Care Instructions:

Machine wash cover in cold water with a mild tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. We recommend the use of a top sheet to prolong the life of your Pebble.


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