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OXO Tot - Roll Up Bib in ALL COLORS
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About the OXO Tot - Roll Up Bib

At the solid food stage, every baby turns into Jackson Pollock, creating unique new landscapes of splatters, drips, and splashes. While we certainly encourage creativity at all ages, no parent wants to spend all of their time cleaning, and the OXO Tot Bib goes a long way to confine your child’s earliest explorations in “tasteful” art to a limited area.


The key feature of the OXO Tot Baby Bib is the wide, bendable silicone tray at the bottom, which is remarkably effective in catching whatever misses baby’s mouth, whether you’re playing “here comes the airplane!” or your older toddler is making early attempts at self-feeding. The OXO Tot Bib closes with a comfortably flexible Velcro strap that’s easy to attach and adjust but hard for baby to rip off, and which allows you to get a precise fit as your baby grows.


The upper portion of the OXO Tot Bib is made with soft, flexible nylon that’s as soft and pliable as a shirt, so you can fasten the bib up close to baby’s neck to protect his clothes without digging into his neck. The soft design of the baby bib ensures that if your baby leans forward against the tray of his high chair, the whole bib won’t press upwards into his neck, so he’ll be happier and more comfortable, and so will you, since anything that makes your baby more cooperative makes your life easier!


The OXO Tot Bib is also designed for travel: the whole baby bib rolls up neatly into the silicone pouch, which closes with a clasp. There’s even room to tuck utensils and other small items into the bib as well. So when you get to the restaurant or Grandma’s house, you can just unroll the OXO Tot Bib and get straight to feeding, and when you’re done, you can roll the messy portions of the bib (and even a messy spoon) right back into the pouch to clean when you’re home. The OXO Bib is machine-washable, but you may not even need to machine-wash it; reviewers praise how easy it is to wipe clean.

Made with durable nylon and silicone, the OXO Tot Bib is built to last for many meals, and it contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates.


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