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Oeuf - Sparrow Crib in ALL COLORS
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About the Oeuf - Sparrow Crib (available in 3 colors)

The House Sparrow is the most common bird in the world: originating in Europe and Asia, it followed human populations all over the globe, and can be found virtually everywhere. This tiny bird has a terrific knack for survival, and is capable of eating a wide range of seeds, fruits, and other food if it's necessary. While the sparrow is common and humble, and made to blend in, take a closer look – they have glossy plumage, bright eyes, and they're both cute and clever.


The Oeuf Sparrow Crib, like its bird namesake, is simple and lovely, with a knack for both standing out and blending in. The airy, slender side rails and spindles give the Sparrow Crib a light feel, and the simplicity of the design means that it fits in with a wide range of décor options while still projecting its own personality.


Built from sustainable solid Baltic birch and birch plywood, the Sparrow Crib is painted with non-toxic VOC-free lacquer finish; it's both safe and eco-friendly. It fits most standard-sized mattresses, and three-position mattress support lets you adjust the height as your child grows. The overall structure is built low, so shorter parents will have no trouble reaching the baby. And it's easy to put your Sparrow Crib together – we know that parents-to-be have a lot to do, so who wants to spend extra time building the crib?


And of course, like the House Sparrow, the Oeuf Sparrow Crib is perfectly happy in any house in the world. So why not yours?


NOTE: All Oeuf furniture comes with a five-year warranty.


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