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Oeuf Toy Store in ALL COLORS
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About the Oeuf Toy Store

The Oeuf Classic Toy Store is a Special Order item. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Emma collects Barbies, and Leah collects horses. At the end of the day, there are Barbies lying abandoned and askew in corners, and horses on their backs with their feet in the air, pink and purple manes all mussed. The playroom looks like the aftermath of a battle in an extremely feminine war. It's cute, but something has got to give here.


Perhaps the kids will be more inclined to clean up after themselves if you make it a bit more fun with the Oeuf Toy Store, a toy storage system that both you and your children will love. Kids will enjoy the fact that the bins can be angled towards them, making them easy to reach and easy to see inside. You'll love the help in keeping things organized, and the cool retro look of the Toy Store – it looks a bit like old-fashioned grocery store bins. And everyone will love how easy the Toy Store makes it to stay organized, so you can find what you want!


The Oeuf Toy Store's bins can lie horizontal or be angled forwards, and the bin dividers can be removed or rearranged, so you can make compartments the right size for the right toys. Assembly is quick and easy, and the Toy Store is built from sturdy Baltic birch plywood and eco-friendly MDF made from recovered wood fibers. It's kind to the Earth and safe for your kids; the finish is non-toxic and water-based.


And when the kids grow out of using the Oeuf Toy Store for their toys, you can use it in any room in the house where you need storage – how about using it in the kitchen for dishes, silverware, glasses, and other odds and ends, or using it in a sewing room or workroom? This versatile and attractive storage solution can go anywhere you need it.


NOTE: All Oeuf furniture comes with a five-year warranty.

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