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Onaroo OK To Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light in ALL COLORS
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About the Onaroo OK To Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light

Time goes by fast. This is especially true when it comes to sleep. One moment, you are slipping into a much-deserved slumber and the next, your 4 year old is climbing on you and requesting waffles and chocolate milk. Even though sleep deprivation can be a natural sidekick to parenting, we have a truly ingenious product that will help you get some extra shut-eye. It's called the OK To Wake! Clock by American Innovative.


Designed by the inventors of the educational Teach Me Time! Alarm Clock, this new product aims to encourage kids to let Mom and Dad have a little quiet while teaching kids about time in a fun and interactive way. This clock features a dual-color nightlight that turns green when it's time to wake up. It's simple for parents to program the clock depending on when the child should get up. Not only will the OK To Wake! Clock let parents decide the best time for kids to start the day, but we've found that children get very excited to pop out of bed when the light goes on.


Like all of the American Innovative products, this clock has many features and functions. At night, the OK To Wake! Clock acts as a comforting nightlight with its soft yellow glow. We love that even the nightlight is programmable with a duration of up to two hours. This clock isn't limited to nighttime sleeping, though. There is a built-in nap timer besides the alarm settings, giving a child up to 24 hours of programmable nap time before waking her with the light, gradual-wake tone, or even both.


Does your kid want to get up on her own? No problem, this clock is also a fully-functioning alarm clock with a snooze button. When it's time to start the day, your child can gradually wake to a pleasing tone, one that ascends in loudness. There are also fun animations that smile and wink while the alarm sounds. Does she need a couple more minutes? With a press on the left "toe" button, the clock snoozes for ten minutes while the right one quiets the alarm.


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