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PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture in ALL COLORS
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About the PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture

Sara’s dollies are both picky and indecisive. Mrs. Applebee wants to live in a mansion, but Mr. Applebee wants to live in a little two-story house. The baby will only sleep on the first floor, and Billy and Bobby Applebee prefer to sleep under the dining room table, which is fine but can be a problem when their parents want an early breakfast.


Fortunately, with the PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture, the dolls (and Sara) have plenty of choices: this two-piece wooden dollhouse can be reconfigured in any number of different ways, and has plenty of furniture for kids to rearrange to suit their whims. One of the two dollhouse sections is three stories, and the other section is two stories; they can be placed next to each other, across from each other, or at angles. Or, two kids can each play with a dollhouse section without jockeying for position. Both dollhouse pieces are open on all sides, and the top floors have large skylights, so kids can easily access each room to manipulate dolls and furniture.


The cool, Euro-style furniture included with the PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse is detailed and plentiful, with living room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, and bedroom furniture. Many items are made with Planwood, the latest innovation from Plantoys: it’s made with sawdust left over from toy manufacturing, mixed with E-zero glue. The result is an extremely sturdy non-toxic material that’s light, beautiful, dishwasher safe, and eco-friendly! All items are colored with natural, safe paints and dyes.


Dollhouse play encourages kids to role-play adult scenarios and expand their imaginations, and the PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse gives their creativity plenty of room to grow. Multiple kids can play with this dollhouse at the same time, too, which helps kids learn social skills and negotiation. Just add dolls (sold separately), and you’ve got the formula for many hours of creative fun – with no need to settle permanently on the furnishings. Suggested for ages 3 and up.


Measures 30.7" W x 14.2" D x 23.6" H


NOTE: The PlanToys Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture set does not include dolls.