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PlanToys Planwood Dancing Alligator in ALL COLORS
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About the PlanToys Planwood Dancing Alligator

In the wild, your average gator is more gray than green, but their impact on the environment is just as green as can be: their “gator holes” increase wetlands plant diversity and provide habitat for other critters. They’re also important apex predators that keep the numbers of invasive species low.


The PlanToys PlanWood Dancing Alligator pull toy may be even greener still: not only is this cheery swamp-dweller a satisfying avocado hue, but he’s also made with PlanWood, an innovative material that helps to conserve trees! PlanWood is a high-density molded material made of sawdust and woodchips left over from the manufacturing of other wooden toys, with E-zero glue as a binder. The result is a material that’s as light and strong as wood or plastic, but contains no BPA, phthalates, or formaldehyde, and doesn’t require cutting down any extra trees! That’s so green, we can hardly stand it.


But let’s not forget: the PlanToys Dancing Alligator pull toy also brings the fun! When your toddler tugs her gator buddy along, the gator’s head and tail move up and down and its body bends and straightens, making a delightful clack-clack-clack-clack that guarantees giggles. Playing with pull toys helps new walkers practice walking, and they’ll love experimenting with cause and effect – what happens if you pull the Dancing Alligator faster?


Finally, your child will get a huge kick out of walking her wooden toy Wally Gator when you walk the dog. If her taste in pets is a little odd, who cares? It’s green! For ages 12 months and up.

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