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PramPack Stroller Travel Bag by Stokke in ALL COLORS
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About the PramPack Stroller Travel Bag by Stokke

Please note: We are only able to ship Stokke products to addresses within the United States or Canada.


Take your Stokke Xplory out exploring with a Stokke PramPack! This amazing travel bag keeps the Xplory and a huge selection of other strollers safe in transit, so no matter what your trip is like, your stroller will have a comfortable flight.


The PramPack is designed to protect your stroller from the indignities of airline travel, with sturdy plastic ribs in the side and bottom, protecting the stroller's wheels and chassis, and a plastic plate in the back. When it's loaded up, the PramPack works like a rolling suitcase that you can easily drag behind you. When it's empty, it can be rolled into a cylinder that looks a bit like a yoga mat, and you can easily tote it on your back while pushing your stroller.


Stokke tested the PramPack with every popular stroller model they could get their hands on, and discovered that over 90% of single strollers and one-third of doubles fit into this carry bag, including the Mountain Buggy Duo and the Bugaboo Donkey Duo. Check the Stokke website's exhaustive menu of compatible stroller models to see if yours is on there. And as if that wasn't enough: if you're an Xplory user, Stokke will fix any damage caused to an Xplory during its warranty period while traveling in a PramPack, as long as both the stroller and the bag are registered.


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