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Rody Ride-On Inflatable Horse in ALL COLORS
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About the Rody Ride-On Inflatable Horse (available in 2 colors)

Why do we love Rody? Let us count the ways:


  1. Rody is cute! This inflatable bouncing ride-on for ages two and up has simple, irresistible design – he's short and round with little round legs, and he has a big friendly grin. And things just get cuter when your child hops aboard and the squeals of delight begin.
  2. Rody is fun! Kids love to bounce, and Rody provides hours of bouncy entertainment. Toddlers sit on Rody's back, hang onto his long ears, and bounce up and down; kids with longer legs and better coordination can bounce Rody forward. And of course, imaginative kids will want to name their Rody and take him on fantasy adventures.

  3. Rody is good exercise. Kids practice balancing and motor skills by bouncing on Rody – physical therapists even use Rody with their patients. Since you can ride on Rody indoors, kids can still get good exercise bouncing on Rody on rainy days or during the winter. You can take him outside on smooth, level surfaces too – Rody is made of sturdy latex-free vinyl that can take a serious beating.

  4. Ride the Rody rainbow! Your child can choose from seven vibrant colors: newly-added Orange or Teal, or Red, Pink, Yellow, Lime, and Blue.


Rody's "saddle" is only 12" off the ground, so while young kids may need some help staying on, falling is no big deal. You can increase or decrease inflation as well, to custom-size Rody for your child. Suitable for ages 2 and up – you may not be able to resist trying Rody out yourself!


NOTE: An air pump is not included with your Rody Horse. An adapter is included that should permit you to use any bicycle pump to inflate Rody.


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