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Scooterearz Scooter Mitts in ALL COLORS
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About the Scooterearz Scooter Mitts (available in 2 colors)

A good scooter gives a little adventurer an unprecedented amount of mobility: he can glide down the sidewalk as fast as he can run, but with almost no effort, zipping around Mom and dashing past pedestrians. Who would want to give this up just because it's chilly outside?


ScooterEarz scooter mittens are an essential accessory for little Micro scooter-fans when the going gets chilly: just hook them onto any T-bar scooter handle, and they'll keep kids' hands toasty as they scoot. Along with the convenience and the cute look, ScooterEarz have one major advantage over regular mittens and gloves – since they're attached to the scooter rather than the kid, they won't get lost!


ScooterEarz attach to the scooter handle with an elastic cuff that stays neatly in place for both use and storage; they're also easy to remove if you need to transfer them to another scooter (or toss them in a drawer during the warmer months). ScooterEarz are thick, warm, soft, and weatherproof, and made to fit a wide range of kids, so they'll last for years! See the menu above for color and pattern choices.

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