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Skip Hop Playspot Playmat in ALL COLORS
at magic beans

See all 2 styles of the Skip Hop Playspot Playmat in one place for your shopping convenience!
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About the Skip Hop Playspot Playmat (available in 2 colors)

Do you remember those soft alphabet mats from preschool? Well, the Skip Hop Playspot is a mat that has graduated college – with honors in design. The Playspot turns any floor into a big, soft surface perfect for all ages, from roly-poly babies on up. You’ll love Skip Hop’s three designer styles. They look like they popped off the walls of the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. It will even look great in your dining room, that sacred “adult” room you have wanted to keep nice enough for company.


What’s even better is that you can mix and match your Playspot. The 14″ square tiles link together via x-shaped connector pieces. Inside each tile is a contrasting cut-out circle that can pop out to mix and match the look.


The Playspot is made with high-quality EVA foam so you know that the tiles won’t rip apart in curious mouths or with heavy use. Your child can keep playing on it for years, whether he is crawling around or redesigning the playroom.


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