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Skip Hop Stroll & Go 3 Season Toddler Footmuff in ALL COLORS
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About the Skip Hop Stroll & Go 3 Season Toddler Footmuff (available in 2 colors)

As we've often said, not every stroller is suited for every environment or every season. Your loyal umbrella stroller, for instance, may be your toddler's favorite ride during spring, summer, and fall... but just try getting those nimble little wheels through the snow. (Or don't. Really, don't.)


However, while many strollers aren't suited for all seasons, the Skip Hop Stroll and Go 3 Season Toddler Footmuff is designed to keep you rolling for nearly the entire year! It's designed to adapt seamlessly from one strolling season to the next, making it incredibly easy and convenient to keep your kiddo cozy, whether it’s just a little chilly, or genuinely cold.


The Skip Hop 3 Season Toddler Footmuff is made to fit nearly all strollers. Features include:


  • A thick winter layer: For the coldest days of the year, the top winter layer is nicely insulated, with a windproof and waterproof shell. The adjustable hood and collar are lined in fuzzy, furry fleece; if you're not using the hood, you can zip it open and fold it over the back of the seat so it won't get in the way. If the day gets a little warmer, you can also snap open the front of the winter cover a little so your child can cool off. Too hot? The entire winter layer snaps off in seconds!


  • A lighter fall/spring layer: For days that are merely brisk and not too cold, this layer provides a little shelter, and it also can be adjusted with snaps. If the day turns warmer mid-stroll, you can simply unzip this layer most of the way and secure it to the side with snaps, so it’s easy to pull back on but won’t get in the way of your child getting in and out of the stroller.


  • Canopy-friendly: Unlike most stroller footmuffs, the Skip Hop 3 Season Footmuff allows you to reattach your stroller canopy! So it's easy to provide your child with a little more shelter from the elements on the go.


The Skip Hop 3 Season Toddler Footmuff also zips open at the bottom to protect it from muddy shoes, but when it gets genuinely grubby, it's easy to remove and machine-wash! The non-slip backing will keep it from sliding around on your stroller. Plus, it has a little zip pocket for additional storage, and a toy ring so you can attach baby's faves to keep her entertained on the go. The 3 Season Toddler Footmuff is recommended for children 12 months and up. 


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