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Snap Circuits 3D Illumination in ALL COLORS
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About the Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

Build a wall projector, a three wall house, a light show, a light tunnel, a burglar alarm, and more!

With Snap Circuits, it's easy to connect the circuits, resistors, and capacitors to make the electronics perform different tasks.

Partial Project List: 
Projector; 3Di Fun; Overhead Light; Security House; Security House with 2 Outer Lights; One Mirror Circuit; One Mirror Blinking Circuit; 3 Wall House; Two Mirror Circuit; Angled Roof House; Break the Beam; Block the Sound; Elevated Automatic Light; Automatic Lights; Vertical Light Tunnel; Vertical Tri-color Light Tunnel; Wall Light Show; Wall Projector; Front & Back Circuit; Break the Reflection Beam; Break the 2 Reflection Beam; Bouncy Blur; 2 Front Circuits; Vertical Four Fun; Lights & Mirrors; Button Ball; Hole Ball; High Wind Alarm; Hit the 2-snap; Free Mirror Circuit; Floor Mirror Circuit; Box Circuits; Burglar Alarm Box; Outer Lights House; Light Tunnel Tower; Tower of Lights; Mirrors on a Wall; Color Light Box; Projector Box; Mini Overhead Light; Floor to Ceiling, Break the Beam

Features: Exciting light effects, 3-color light tunnel, Projector with 6 cool images, mirrors and reflecting circuits. 

Comes with over 50 parts; with new parts like the vertical stabilizer, base grid stabilizer, and base grid support, you can build amazing 3D structures.

Partial Parts List: 
3 1-snap wires, 6 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 1 4-snap wires, 1 5-snap wires, 1 6-snap wires, 1 battery holder (uses 3 AA batteries--not included), Base grid, 4 mini Base grids, 4 base grid supports, 1 white LED, 1 color LED, 1 Q4 Attachment, 3D color glasses, jump wire (black), jump wire (red), 2 jump wires (blue), Lined lens LED attachment, 2 mirrors, 2 mirror mounting bases, 2 springs for mounting bases, projector LED attachment, NPN Transistor, Phototransistor, Resistor 6.1K Ohms, Slide Switch, press switch, 6 stabilizers, Light tunnel, 6 vertical snap wires, 1 horn 

No need for tools! Every part connects with a SNAP!

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination


  • Snap Circuits set so you can now build in 3D!
  • Encourages interest in electronics, understanding of capacitors and resistors, interest in engineering
  • You can build amazing 3D structures
  • Exciting light effect
  • 3-color light tunnel
  • Projector with 6 cool images
  • Mirrors and reflecting circuits
  • Comes with over 50 parts
  • New parts! vertical stabilizer, base grid stabilizer, and base grid support
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
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