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Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blanket in ALL COLORS
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See all 6 styles of the Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blanket in one place for your shopping convenience!
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About the Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blanket (available in 6 colors)

Poor baby: she's dreaming sweet milky dreams about snuggling happily with Mom, when the floor creaks, her startle reflex kicks in, and suddenly she's staring at the ceiling and has no idea where her happy dream went. You would cry too, if it happened to you.


Swaddling babies helps to keep them from startling themselves awake, plus it's calming for colicky babies, and may help to prevent SIDS - all good reasons to invest in some cute and deliciously snuggly Ultimate Swaddle Blankets from Swaddle Designs! These snuggly swaddles are made with top-quality cotton flannel that's both thick and lightweight, and they're generously sized to ensure that wiggly babies can't easily kick out. A clever tag on each Ultimate Swaddle Blanket provides handy pictorial instructions for swaddling newbies, giving you a hand when you're first getting used to swaddling your baby, and helping out other less frequent caregivers when they're pitching in to care for the new arrival.


And Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blankets aren't just for swaddling! They make great tummy time mats for your baby, privacy covers for you when you're breastfeeding, sun covers for the stroller on bright days, loveys for toddlers, and more. A simple blanket can do so much! (One reviewer even said that her Swaddle Designs blanket made a great towel in a pinch, since they're quite absorbent.)


Each Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle Blanket measures 42" x 42", and they're made from cotton flannel, in the USA. See the menu above for adorable designs!