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Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins Bath Toy in ALL COLORS
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About the Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins Bath Toy

When Washington Post writer Elizabeth Chang went swimming with wild dolphins,


“The first thing I noticed when I put my head underwater was a funny noise. Maybe it was air escaping from my mask? Then I realized that the otherworldly clicks and whistles were coming from the dolphins.”


Her experience sounds magical, but you don’t have to go to Hawaii (or know how to swim) to listen to dolphins sing: try out the Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins instead! This darling bath toy for toddlers opens up an ocean of play possibilities for bathtub playtime, with 8 dolphins with musical squeaks and matching swimming rings that clip together.


When you match the Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins to the correct rings and clip them together in a ring or a line, you can get them to play a scale by whacking the head of each dolphin, but that’s only the beginning of the fun your child will have with this bathtub toy. Kids love to match or scramble the dolphins and rings, play with the dolphins individually, blow into the dolphins for a louder whistle, hook and unhook the rings (great fine motor practice), use the rings as bracelets or hats, and more. Because there are so many pieces in this water toy set, there are unlimited ways to play!


We suggest getting a separate bath toy storage container for the Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins set – a mesh bag that allows them to dry out nicely would be perfect. Also, reviewers note that the dolphins only whistle when whacked when they’re dry inside. The Tomy Do-Re-Mi Dolphins set includes 8 dolphins and 8 rings; it’s suggested for ages 12 months and up. Do not leave children unsupervised in the bath.