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Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby in ALL COLORS
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About the Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby (available in 2 colors)

It’s hard to say, before babies learn to speak, what they’re thinking about. We know that early on, their main priorities are milk, sleep, and avoiding discomfort. And thanks to some clever scientists, we know that babies enjoy gazing at high-contrast art with repeated patterns, like the friendly black-and-white animals on the Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby.

These stylish animal drawings are printed on thick, heavy 5” x 7” flash cards with matte lamination, making them easy to see and difficult to destroy (which will come in handy when older babies want to hold the art cards themselves). To amuse your baby, hold a Wee Gallery Art Card up where he can see it and tell him the animal’s name. Make some animal noises to elicit giggles, and watch him carefully examine the details of the picture. Suitable for use from birth onwards.

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