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Wubbanub White Lamb in ALL COLORS
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About the Wubbanub White Lamb

Sometimes, when you merge two excellent concepts, you get something even better. We'd like to shake the hand of the person, for instance, who discovered the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. And we're also very pleased with the work of the inventor of the Wubbanub pacifier, which merges the comforting properties of a Soothie pacifier with the snuggling properties of a cute plush toy, improving on the merits of both.


The White Lamb Wubbanub puts a pacifier at the end of an adorable white lamb with floppy ears, chunky legs, and a darling little pink nose. Babies snuggle, suck, and sleep happily with their Lamb Wubbanub pacifier, and what makes babies happy makes moms happy. But there's more! The plush toy's weight and size holds the pacifier on the baby's chest, so even very young babies can spit the pacifier out and find it again with their mouth. And if it falls, your Wubbanub Soothie won't roll under the sofa and disappear for months like a regular pacifier, either.


The medical grade Soothie pacifier contains no latex, BPA, PVC, or phthalates, making it a great binkie for any child. And the soft and snuggly plush lamb is machine-washable, and comes out of the wash looking great. The Wubbanub plush toy pacifier's one-piece construction keeps things cleaner, with no cracks for germs to hide in.


We just "wub" this pacifier, and you and your baby will too!