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Team Works

It’s not an easy thing to open a store, whether it’s your first, your fourth or your four-hundredth. There’s so much that goes into it, from design to construction to ordering fixtures and merchandise to receiving that merchandise and putting it on the fixtures. There are so many details to remember. Getting it done with months of preparation is challenging. ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 17 – Star Wars Force Trainer

Rumors were flying at Toy Fair. There was a new toy that used the power of your brain waves to make an object move. Awesome. I had to try it. I hunted down the Uncle Milton booth and got on line. Sadly, the Force was not with me and although people before and after me were successful, my addled brain ... Read More » is cool beans

As busy parents of three, we need all the help we can get. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to hit everything on the to-do list. An extra pair of hands can go a long way, but most of the time, we’re opting for babysitting so we can get all the other errands done. Imagine ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 16 – Deluxe Grocery Cart

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. We brought the Melissa & Doug Grocery Cart to Cape Cod with us this summer to photograph it for our catalog. Mira was a willing model, but the first few shots were a little stiff and we were trying to get her to loosen up. Suddenly, she started jumping, using the ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 15 – Kettler Happy Navigator

Riding a tricycle is blessedly straightforward. Sit, pedal, go. But riding a tricycle also has a number of benefits for children, both expected and unexpected. Expected: tricycles help kids develop their gross motor skills.Frequent riding makes them stronger and more coordinated. The more time kids spend riding a trike, the better their foundation for learning to ride a bicycle later ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 14 – Bananagrams

I’m not much of a banana person. I don’t like bananas au natural. I don’t like banana bread – not even when my friend Dustin makes it, though it is reportedly amazing. I don’t like banana in my smoothies. I don’t like slices of banana in my cereal. Elvis’s preferred combination of peanut butter and bananas is particularly unappetizing, since ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 13 – Annabel Karmel Kitchen

Four days ago, a British woman named Annabel Karmel won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the prestigious Mother & Baby Awards in the UK. For any mom who has already been introduced to Annabel Karmel, this will not come as a surprise. She is the most prolific and progressive author of cookbooks for parents and children in the world. She ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 12 – Knitted Donuts 5-Pack

I have been ogling these knitted donuts at trade shows for several years. Until very recently, the company did not offer any retail packaging, and our stores are not exactly look-but-don’t-touch sorts of places. Beautiful handmade toys sitting unprotected on a shelf is not usually a recipe for success. I was thrilled when I heard that these donuts were now ... Read More »

Is it a boy-toy or a girl-toy?

I wish there were less gender discrimination in toys. Toy manufacturers have little choice but to gear their packaging designs and marketing towards specific genders when the product warrants it, but that means it’s up to parents to keep an open mind. My son is only 16 months old, but he’s already far more obsessed with trucks than either of ... Read More »

Holiday Giveaways # 11 – Bruder Trucks

I hadn’t heard of Bruder trucks until we were opening Magic Beans. At Toy Fair that first year, I was introduced to the brand and learned that these were THE trucks to sell. I still remember watching in awe as they demonstrated the Fire Truck, with its working water hose. The attention to detail is just amazing. On the Bruder ... Read More »

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