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Author Archives: Sheri

Rub a dub dub – design for the tub

Thanks to Boon, the creative engine behind the Frog Pod and the Potty Bench, your nightly bath time experience can be further enhanced with a whimsical collection of bathtub toys. The set includes 15 colorful, amorphous foam appliqués that stick to the wall and tub when they’re wet, two mini-scrubbies, and three balls. It’s unusual to find bath toys that ... Read More »

Here comes Stokke

I just received a newsletter from Stokke with a sneak preview of their new products to be introduced at the ABC show. With their permission, I am sharing the highlights with you here. The Xplory We’ve asked for it. You’ve asked for it. And now, they’ve delivered. Car seat adaptors are now available for the Xplory, one for Graco and ... Read More »

When the ante goes up up up and away

Parenting a four-year-old offers a host of challenges that, as it turns out, we’re fairly unequipped to handle. Case in point: My husband took my older daughter, Audrey shopping for clothing. In order to secure her cooperation in the fitting room, he promised her a sparkly pair of fairy wings she had spotted. Later that night, after she tried to ... Read More »

Seeing stars?

If you’re a regular reader here, you may have noticed the little stars that have recently appeared beneath each post. We’re testing out some new features on the blog, and this was a nifty one. Basically, you can rate each posting with a single click. If you like the post a lot, and you think it’s a five-star job, point ... Read More »

Play Foam is here!

After Toy Fair this past February, I named Play Foam one of my favorite new products for 2006. It’s taken a while, but you can all finally see for yourselves what is so cool about it. This squishy, moldable foam never dries out, and because of its granular texture, color mixing is a bit like pointillist painting. Your kids will ... Read More »

Fender Senders

The Phil and Ted’s e3 has been explosively popular over the past few months. Parents love how the nimble single stroller can be reconfigured to carry two children. But in the two-toddler position, one child sits close to the ground and, therefore, close to the wheels. As expected, many curious hands got very grimy. There was a small outcry, but ... Read More »

The Orbit is in the ‘house

Our first full shipment of Orbit Infant Systems arrived today, so we are now officially in stock and ready to ship, in both black and mocha. Both colors look beautiful, and we hear that Brooke Shields had such a hard time choosing that she ended up getting both. Read More »

The calm before the storm

For anyone who’s wondering why the posts are tapering off a bit, it’s just that we’ve been spending some time as a family relishing the last warm days of August. Also (and I know I’m not alone here), my eldest is done with camp, but school hasn’t started yet. So it’s sort of a mandatory imposed semi-vacation. Ahem. But it’s ... Read More »

Essential, meaning you’ve got to have it.

When JJ Cole introduced their Essentials Bag, the first product in the burgeoning Essentials category, I was dubious. The bag was cute and all, but what did parents need with a diaper bag that offered very limited storage space and didn’t include a changing pad? I still don’t quite get it, but with the introduction of the new Diapers & ... Read More »

The Living Room Cup

It’s hard to think of soccer as an indoor game, but as the summer winds down and the weather turns colder, you’ll want to check these out. The new Shoot & Scoot Soccer game from newcomer Diggin includes one low-profile goal and a funky half-soccer ball that has a superskid base. With the flat side down, the ball glides smoothly ... Read More »

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