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A Boon at Bathtime

In the beginning, bathtime is so simple. It’s you, the baby and the washcloth with a bit of warm water, and maybe a rubber duckie or two. But as babies grow into toddlers, the bath toys begin to take over the tub. In our house, it’s completely out of hand, and every night the cleanup is a total drag. But if you don’t do it, the toys get pretty gross. Now, along comes a product that directly addresses this challenging aspect of parenting, and does so in a whimsical yet elegant manner that is already earning cheers at bathtime.

The Frog Pod, by Boon, Inc. is a clever, multipurpose solution that starts with the wall-mounted frog form, which attaches with included 3M-branded removable adhesive strips. The frog’s back is actually a removable scoop dotted with drain holes, so you can collect all the toys in one or two scoops, and they’ll dry out overnight. The frog’s toes are hooks for hanging sponges, soap or other hanging items. The built-in shelf holds shampoo and conditioner. It’s fairly large, but that’s a good thing, since capacity is important. All in all, I think they’ve done a spot-on job with the Frog Pod, and I can’t wait to see what they think of next. Here’s hoping they tackle diaper changes…


  1. So, we got this (from your store, of course!), coincidentally the same day you posted this little article. It seemed really cool and Karen (my wife) was very excited about it, but here’s a warning — on the box, it says it sticks to “virtually any bathtub wall”, but it fell off of ours within hours. (Karen followed the attachment instructions very carefully.)

    We contacted Boon about it and asked them if this was supposed to happen, and they said, well, the “virtually” actually means it won’t stick to bathroom tiles. So, “virtually any bathtub wall as long as it’s not a normal bathroom wall” might have been more clear.

    The Boon people were super-nice, and they even sent us some stronger adhesive, but that arrived a few days ago and last night in the middle of the night, *clonk* into the tub. So I guess we’re going to have to return it. Too bad, since it really is great in theory.

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