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A Mountain Buggy by any other name…

Mountain Buggy FiftiesOne Tree Hill is the European distributor for Mountain Buggy, and their booth was hopping. And no wonder. They had a fantastic display of the 2007 designer color lineup that would stop anyone dead in their tracks. Their booth was really nice. I took a lot of pictures, and I’m feeling really good about the colors for 2007. Interestingly, the European version of the Urban Double doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar. I’m not sure if this is a response to the rash of recalls on the ratcheting handles or if they never made the change for the European market.

They were also showing a funky wooden high chair called icansit. It has quite a lot of personality, and the cushion colors were very appealing.


  1. Fantastic photos, Sherri!
    What was the map shaped in a jewish star?

  2. Good question. It was the map of the Cologne airport. Interesting, huh?

  3. Dear Sherri, Please tell me who you are and where you are ? I am the person responsible for the One Tree Hill booth in Koln and the colours and styles for the buggies. Also the colours for the icansit were picked by me. You seem pretty enthusiastic about what we do and that is always very nice to hear. Thanks ! Am I right and are you based in the US ??? Well if you have the time I love to know more about you and your site. Thanks and kind regards from Amsterdam, Riet

  4. wow oh wow! have been looking all over the net for a good picture of the fifties! love it love it! any idea if its going to be available in the UK?

  5. HIII

    Ooooo what a nice picture of the Fifties- i’m gonna trade my coco for that one- because my coco is sun bleeched 🙁 and have now been waiting for 3 (!!) months for Holland to send me an new hood 🙁 so now i have told the swedish responsible for OTH that i don’t want it anymore- and you got THIS PICTURE- I fell in love with it imediately!!!

    THANX for sharing 😀


  6. Where can I get my hands on one of these fantastic covers for my mountain buggy????
    I live in Australia and happy to pay postage…


  7. I’m also looking for a set of replacement covers for my 2006 Urban. I’m in Australia and am happy to pay costs. They are’nt sold here and I’d appreciate any help.


  8. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m checking with Phil&Teds here in the USA to see if they can help you. They may contact you directly.

  9. Thanks Sheri! I really appreciate that!

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