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A new breed of stroller

StrollerStrollers have been the big story at the ABC Show, where we’ve seen an amazing array of new and interesting concepts, many of them populating a new category of strollers, which I’ll call the Hybrid (you heard it here first, folks). These hybrid strollers are a cross between an all-terrain stroller and a city stroller. Riding unabashedly on the coattails of the bugaboo, manufacturers both old and new are adopting (and adapting) the asymetrical wheel design, using large, fixed and often pneumatic wheels in the rear and smaller swiveling wheels up front.

This configuration typically results in smooth and responsive handling, but not always. As best I can remember, I saw new hybrid strollers from Britax, Perego, Kolcraft, Fisher Price, Mutsy, Micralite and Quinny. All these, in addition to the hybrids already on the market, including the bugaboo, the Rock Star Baby and even the new Orbit. Some were really great – the Mutsy and the Micralite in particular both have a great ride. But others were hopelessly sluggish. I am so curious to see whether this trend will echo at the show in Cologne this weekend.

(Pictured here is the new tandem Hybrid from Kolcraft, which is quite cool – you can fit two car seats on it, and both seats can turn forward- or rear-facing independently, giving you four different seating configurations to choose from.)

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