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A Standing Ovation for the Bella Band

Bella BandThe first trimester of pregnancy is a unique time, especially if, like me, you don’t tell anyone outside of your immediate family that you’re pregnant. You’re keeping a big secret, and it starts to feel like you’re harboring a very small fugitive.

Even with all the weight loss between my last pregnancy and this one (I’m more than 40 lbs lighter now than I was when I got pregnant with #2), I still couldn’t believe how quickly my bump started to emerge. My pants stopped closing, and I knew I was in trouble. Fortunately, I came across the Bella Band, which is probably the single greatest innovation in maternity clothing ever. It’s a strip of stretchy fabric that goes over your unbuttoned and unzipped pre-pregnancy pants. It not only keeps the pants securely in place, but it miraculously conceals the fact that the pants are not actually closed. It’s also incredibly comfortable and it smooths over the whole belly, making the very early stages of pooch much harder to detect.

It wins my prize for the one thing I wouldn’t want to be without during the first trimester. A close second? Preggie Drops. Those were also pretty clutch…

We don’t sell any maternity clothes at Magic Beans, but I think the Bella Band is just so darn smart that I’m lobbying to bring it in. I’ll keep you posted as soon as that happens, but in the meanwhile, you can check it out at


  1. Not only are these amazing for pregnancy, they are also fabulous for after the baby is born. I had twins in September and I still wear them every day. I’m nursing my boys and while I do a pretty good job of keeping everything covered when I breastfeed in public, the Bella Bands keep my less-than-beautiful tummy hidden and warm.

  2. I also adored having my bella band after pregnancy… completely eased my main breastfeeding fear, which was not that someone might see my breast, but rather that they might see my belly! And now, fifteen months later where nursing is much less frequent, I still use it as a light layering option underneath shirts that are favorites but just a bit too short for comfort.

  3. whenever someone tells me that they are pregnant or know someone that is pregnant this is the ONE THING that i tell them they CAN NOT live without! It’s great DURING & AFTER pregnancy and really allows you to stretch your wardrobe and feel confident that everything will stay in place without falling. I LOVE MY BELLA BAND!

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