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Baby Bjorn debuts new Comfort Carrier

8 years ago my daughter was a newborn and the Baby Bjorn was the “It” baby carrier, a staple on just about every baby registry (mine included). I used it and I liked it, but I wished for more support, and in warm weather, both my daughter and I would sweat bullets. My feedback wasn’t unique, and over the past decade or so, Baby Bjorn has evolved, developing the Active Carrier, which includes lumbar support, the Air Carrier, which features a hi-tech, breathable mesh fabric that stays cool, and the Synergy Carrier, a carrier with both lumbar support and breathable fabric. In spite of the constant innovation, Baby Bjorn has seen their market share erode, as more and more parents-to-be are enticed by the comfort and versatility of carriers like the Ergo Baby Carrier.

In response to the skyrocketing popularity of the Ergo, Baby Bjorn has just released a new carrier, the Comfort Carrier. The Comfort Carrier is touted as “ergonomic” and is clearly built to hold bigger babies. Like the Ergo, the Comfort Carrier has a hip strap to help distribute the weight of the baby across the parent’s hips, instead of just across the shoulders. The carrier itself has a cool zipper flap that opens and closes to change the width of the “saddle” where the baby sits. When the zipper is closed, the saddle is wide, perfect for larger babies who want to face in towards the parent. When the zipper is open, the saddle is narrow, making it comfortable for babies to face out, or for smaller babies to face in.

The saddle on all the other Baby Bjorn carriers is height-adjustable, so it can be made short for a newborn, or longer for an older baby. Because of the zippered width adjustment, the height on the Active Carrier saddle can not change, and so the Comfort Carrier should not be used with a newborn. Baby Bjorn recommends that the Comfort Carrier be used with babies 3 months and up, or who are over 13 pounds. The upper weight limit is 31 pounds. The Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier is also 95% organic.

When I tried it on, I thought they did a nice job of maintaining the sleek profile that has made Baby Bjorn a favorite for urban parents. Even supersized, the Comfort Carrier still manages to feel less awkward than many other carriers. As expected from Baby Bjorn, the connectors and straps on the carrier are top notch. The carrier is definitely comfortable, especially as compared to its siblings. Side by side with the Ergo Baby Carrier, it’s a tough call, and it comes down to aesthetics versus functionality. For parents who love the Baby Bjorn look, the Comfort Carrier will be a welcome new option.

Check out the video I took a few weeks ago in Kentucky and see the Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier for yourself.


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  1. I was sent a sample and love it. It’s so much more comfortable than the original styles for an older baby. One thing though is that my son, 6.5 months old, sits low which is only a problem when he faces out but the foldover part is almost in his face.

    Also i wish you could wear it on your back like an Ergo.

    But the style is perfect for me otherwise.

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