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Baby carrier test drive: how we find the perfect fit for you!

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Magic Beans employees are trained to represent information that’s not only honest but specialized to the customers we’re working with. So when a customer comes into the store and wants to talk baby carriers, it’s not the brand name we go to first but you the customer and your needs.

consultation small squareOur first questions will almost always be about your baby’s size and age, or if the baby has even been born yet. If you’ve recently had your baby via C-section, we’ll ask if you have any parts of your body we should avoid putting weight on. You need to be comfortable! Finishing up our preliminary questions we also ask if you have any injuries to your back, shoulders or neck; this allows us to pick a carrier that can avoid a trouble area, or teach you specific tricks to working around an injury or disability. (You of course only have to tell us as much as you’re comfortable sharing.)

Now that we know more about you, we can talk about the different kinds of carriers, how they are worn and what their capabilities are: inward/outward facing, back pack style etc. Keep in mind that while most baby carriers are approved to hold upwards of 30 pounds, not all of them are going to do this comfortably! With a newborn baby you can use almost all our carriers right away, but with a toddler, there are a few that really carry the weight much better.

Then, it’s time to have some fun! You get to meet our lifelike ten-pound tester “baby” dolls, who will explore each carrier with you. First, we

ergobaby 360 four position carrier at magic beans

How do we know these carriers are great? We test them with our own kids!

teach you how to put each carrier on – if you’re there with your partner, we’ll teach each of you how to adjust the straps for the right fit. If you’re on your own, we like to get ourselves strapped into a carrier along with you so we can do it together step by step. Once you’re in the carrier, we’ll make sure any shoulder straps and waist belt are adjusted to a safe and ergonomic position, and that the baby doll is safely and securely positioned.

Once the carrier is on, you can take a walk around the store to see how you feel carrying the 10lb “baby” weight. We’ve found that a session where you try on 3-4 carriers this way is the most effective: that gives you a good basis of comparison in terms of ease of use, proper support, and a comfortable carry. By half an hour in, you’ll know which carrier is right for you, and you’ll feel confident with your choice!

After your baby arrives, you may have more questions or need a refresher on how to use or adjust your carrier. If you need help, come right over to one of our stores and we’ll help you out! Our mission at Magic Beans is to make your life as a parent easier, and that doesn’t end after you make your purchase. And we get to meet your baby! It’s a win-win.


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