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“Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual”: babywearing tips for beginners

It seems unlikely, judging from the picture of new dad Ryan Reynolds carrying his daughter James in a soft-structured carrier, that she stayed in this position very long:


soft-structured carrier whoops

It just doesn’t look very comfortable, does it? Luckily, if a baby is uncomfortable, they’ll make sure you know about it, so we’re guessing this incorrect carry lasted just long enough for a photo-op.

Nevertheless, the picture immediately started a stir online and in our stores, where we all agree that the Reynolds-Lively family should have dropped in for Baby Carriers 101. Carriers can be so complicated, and every one works a little differently, whether you’re going structured with Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, Beco Baby, or Lillebaby, semi-structured with Baby K’tan, or freestyle with a Moby Wrap.

Still, the best practices are consistent across all carriers or slings, and the experts use the acronym “TICKS” to help you remember what you should do:

babywearing TICKS


As always, if you’re not sure if you’re using your carrier correctly – come and see us at Magic Beans! Our friendly gear experts will get you started on the right foot and check to make sure you’re still wearing your baby correctly as she grows.


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