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Baby Jogger City Select a winner

baby_jogger_city_selectBetween the judging for the JPMA Innovation Awards and the main part of the show, we spent a lot of time with the new Baby Jogger City Select. The stroller did win the coveted prize, and it was the talk of the show. I know many of you are curious to see and hear more about it, so here’s my rundown on what we loved (and didn’t love) about this new stroller.

The good:
It is far and away the most simple, elegant way to adapt a single stroller into a double. The seats are both full-size seats, and can be arranged forward- or rear-facing. Inserting and removing the seats is intuitive, and the fold is excellent (though a tiny bit more complicated than the standard one-step Baby Jogger fold). The seats fold completely flat, so the fold is very compact, even with the seat(s) attached.

But weight… what about weight? The weight limit for each seat is 45 lbs, and the stroller itself weighs under 30 lbs. Nice.

The price point, at $499, would already be excellent for a single hybrid stroller that offers a reversible seat and can take a bassinet or car seat adapter. That it can be adapted to take two children (with all the aforementioned options) is the icing on the cake.

For parents expecting twins, the Baby Jogger City Select is an amazing option, accommodating two bassinets AND two infant car seats in the smallest footprint possible.

The bad:
Fully loaded, I don’t think it will handle easily. With no weight and two seats, it felt long and unwieldy. With a single seat, it pushed well enough.  I’m a steering girl myself, and if a stroller doesn’t turn smoothly, I don’t want anything to do with it. But when it comes to a double stroller, beggars can’t be choosers. Sometimes it’s necessary to make sacrifices, and if I ever met a stroller that could merit forgiveness for sluggish steering, this is it.

For sure there are measurements I didn’t get, and details I’m sure to have missed. This stroller has a lot going on. But Baby Jogger has a winner on their hands with the City Select. The target launch date is January 2010, and the stroller will be available in three colors – Ruby, Onyx and Diamond.


  1. In your opinion, which do you like better? This one or the Phil & Ted w/double seat? I already have the P&T but I’m not in love with it. I’m due with Baby #3 in April and my 2 youngest will be 19mths apart so I will be using a double stroller a ton.

  2. My question is the same as Sue’s above. Also, wondering how wide it is…

  3. Well. Tough question. I love the functionality of the City Select, and the many options it presents. It’s also very easy to use – the mechanisms are intuitive, which counts for a lot. You have more options for seating than you do with a phil&teds configuration, plus the ability to use a car seat. Since the seats are both the same size, the City Select will fit a larger child much better than a phil&teds. You also don’t contend with the up and down seating, which many parents don’t like, but they deal with it because of the convenience. At the end of the day, though, the handling on a phil&teds Dash, Classic or Sport will outperform the City Select. The Vibe doesn’t have particularly good handling to begin with, so you aren’t giving up much if that’s your phil&teds stroller of choice.

    We did just get some measurements. The stroller is 25″ wide, 36″ long at the wheel base, and 44″ long with two seats on the frame, both forward facing (the longest configuration possible, I believe).

  4. I have the Sport and it always steers to the right. I tried contacting Regal Lager about it but they were useless.

    I’ll have to come in and test drive this one when you have it.

    Thanks a bunch!

  5. Any thoughts on this against the Uppababy Vista 2010.. I am having serious trouble deciding between the 2..

  6. Nicole,
    They are very different options. The Uppa Vista is really at its best for one child. The Rumble Seat is a good way to adapt the stroller to fit two children, but it’s not nearly as flexible as the City Select when it comes to traveling with two. If you know you’ll be using it with two young kids, I’d probably steer you towards the City Select. If you’re only planning to use it with one for the time being, I’d get the Uppa. Realistically, this is not an ideal time to be investing in a stroller that you may or may not eventually use as a double. My guess is that the City Select represents the first of many strollers that will come to market over the next few years that offer clever ways to adapt a single stroller into a double. My jury is still out on the subject of the City Select as a single stroller. All the hoopla was about how cool it was as a double, and I didn’t really get a chance to evaluate it as a standalone single. Once it arrives in December/January we’ll have a better sense. Sorry I can’t be more decisive. 🙂

  7. I have owned both the Phil & Ted and the Britax B-Ready. I just ordered the City Select. I have read so many comments and reviews regarding the City Select versus the P&T and the B-ready. One thing seems to be missing among all the considerations. Will your child enjoy staring at the seat in front of him? This is the main reason I am switching strollers yet again. That rear seat was not coveted by my kids. Oh. they loved it at first. It was novel to ride in that little seat down at the bottom! However, the novelty wore off a bit too quickly! Yes, we have to push it, load the packages in it, and fold it up and heft it into the minivan, but our kiddos are spending a lot of time in the thing too! Just wanted to add my observations to the mix! Good luck to everybody on the quest for the perfect stroller!

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