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Baby Sitter Redux

Baby Bjorn Babysitter BalanceJust weeks after my hubby declared our unwavering adoration for the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3, they went and redesigned it. The overhaul includes a name change – the seat will now be called the Babysitter Balance. Structurally, the changes are (thankfully) minimal. The basic design of the seat hasn’t changed. But they have replaced the mechanism that controls the seat recline with one that is more intuitive and easier to control. The foot plate, which used to be made of wood,  is now made of plastic. The seat fabrics are more fashion-forward, and one option offers a breathable mesh seat.

The toy bar has been totally redesigned, though it is still decidedly low-tech and made of wood. The bad news is, it is no longer included with the seat. Instead it is sold as an optional accessory. There’s also an optional seat cover to protect the seat fabric from spit-up.

The highlight of the Baby Bjorn booth was an adult-scale version of the seat, which I sampled. I now understand why babies love this thing. It was like lying on a gently bobbing cloud. Bliss!


  1. where can you get an adult sized one of these from??

  2. Ha, it would be awesome if they sold them. But I think it was just a prototype they did for the trade show, for promotional purposes. I haven’t heard any buzz about them making adult-size seats for regular distribution.

  3. I think this woud be nice for adults with lower back pain,people who are figidty.Great item! for the babies and adults

  4. Our grandson has a genetic disorder called NKH. He is almost 6 years old, just over 36″ long and weights 20 pounds. He has out grown the fisher price bouncy chair and we are trying to find a bigger one. Any one out there have any suggestions?

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