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Britax introduces Diplomat seat

Britax Diplomat TaylorToday Britax introduced a new car seat, the Diplomat, a smaller version of the Boulevard. Just as the Boulevard has similar proportions to the Marathon, but includes side impact prodection, the Diplomat is similar in size to the Roundabout, and includes a scaled-down version of the side-impact protection cushion.

My question is, would you buy the Diplomat instead of the Boulevard? Britax is gambling that higher gas prices are pressing parents to buy smaller cars, and there will be increased demand for smaller car seats. But if a child reaches 40 lbs before s/he is ready for a booster seat, then what? A Britax Regent is a good choice (if you can find one) but it’s definitely not small. So I’m not sure whether this will be a popular choice among parents. Any feedback for me here?


  1. any pictures of this new seat?

  2. Cool! Yes, I have to recommend Roundabouts (no Side Impact Protection wings, though any 5 pt harness is still very safe), or Evenflo Triumphs (which will be taller), or skimpy Cosco Sceneras, for smaller cars. I’ll be thrilled to have a *really nice* seat to recommend for dad’s RX8 or TSX, know what I mean? Other countries have ‘mini’ seats for smaller cars, I think it’s a great product to help keep kids rearfacing longer (The Marathon, etc, fit fine in these cars forward facing, so people are just tempted to turn them FF as soon as possible, not leave them rearfacing for optimal safety).
    Thanks for the news!!!!

  3. Britax promises that I will have pics to post soon – they did not allow me to snap any shots on my camera. It really looks like a miniature version of the Boulevard. It will come in four colors, Taylor (a tan and pink stripe combo), Huntington (shades of beige), Onyx (a classic Britax pattern), and Sedona (more beige).

    Update: Kudos to Britax for getting me this image so quickly. Shown is the Diplomat in Taylor. They were also kind enough to send pictures of the new Couture series, so I will post those soon.

  4. sometimes moms don’t want more than one Boulevard… or the boulevard is just too big to be reclined enough for a small baby in a tiny car with tall parents (rare, but happens… usually in the tiny volvos)

    if you bought the Diplomat for a firstborn, you could pass it down to your second and buy a boulevard for your 2yr old who (assuming he was 33lbs and couldn’t rf) would ff.

    AND you’d have the TSIP wings for both.

    Many people also LOVE the Roundabout’s harness adjuster.

    As for what to follow this seat if you have an only child and a small car that kept you from splurging on the Boulevard?

    The new Recaro Como and Simo (the Simo will have the TSIP wings like the Boulevard and Diplomat) will retail for 219.99 and 259.99 and have 19″ top slots, rf to 35lbs (with rearfacing tether) and 70lbs ff, and is only 16″ wide (Sadly, the seat was not shown at Lifesavers, but the Como should be released in June, the Simo in July of this year)

    And for those asking why make the Diplomat, look into your carseat history… before the boulevard, there was the Wizard… and with the Wizard and the Marathon and the Roundabout was a seat called the Advantage… it had the same headwings as the wizard and was the size of the Roundabout.

    Sales were good, they’ve been hearing for years that people missed this seat.

    They do bring things back if enough people want it (except the laptop, which can’t be made latch compatible and thereby can’t be brought back… I called Britax about that one)

    for those who would like to get more info on these new carseats, I suggest visiting the car safety tips bulletin board.

    Techs and safety-obssessed moms are there to help.

  5. Nice points, Kat. My first Britax seat was an Advantage and I loved it.

    I saw the new Recaro seats in Las Vegas, and as soon as I have final pricing information, I will post more about them. They look a lot like the Britax seats.

  6. I’m glad to see this come out. We have a small car (Subaru Impreza) and we can’t use our front passenger seat with the Marathon turned rear-facing. For #2 we are considering buying a Roundabout (or this!) so that our entire family can fit in the car!

  7. I will be buying this for #2 (a petite girl) and I am so excited! I have a Wizard for my son and was considering the Decathalon, but was concerned about fitting 2 large seats into my non-SUVs. The Diplomat should be the Perfect Solution! She can move into the Wizard when she outgrows this one.

    The Recaro is available through One Step Ahead, but since I know and trust Britax, I am happy to stick with them.

  8. Roundabout fits airline seats well. It will be nice to get the extra side protection and still be a frequent flyer.

  9. My daughter bought 2 Diplomats last week – one for her small Jetta and the other for her husbands 4 Runner. I went to look at the Boulevard for my Acura TL and we were able to take the store model out to the car and it really obscured the rear window view which already is fairly small. We wanted the increased side impact protection as we do a lot of LA city driving with the baby. Our major decision factor was wanting to keep her rear-facing for as long as possible. So… that’s 3 sales for the Diplomat FYI
    I am still figuring out the best installation — have put it in the center of the rear seat using LATCH and am planning to call Acura/Britax today to make sure I have the Tether set correctly. My car has side impact airbags that supposedly would not inflate if the baby was in one of the outer rear seats.

  10. The Diplomat seems to be a roundabout with side impact wings. I’m going to get one to go in the Prius. Have an Eddie Bauer that is HUGE in the Landcruiser. It really impacts the passenger seat legroom in the rear facing position. The Eddie Bauer straps are pretty bad too. I’m going to modify them to make them more parent and baby friendly! Britax is more expensive but it seems easier to use and that is worth the price.

  11. The Diplomat is similar to the Roundabout in size and similar to the Boulevard in safety. The selling point for me (other than the obvious size) is that the Diplomat offers more room with the crotch strap. I put my baby in the Boulevard at 6 months and could barely get the crotch snap out from under her. The Diplomat is about an inch deeper not to mention a tad cheaper 🙂

  12. “Why buy the Diplomat over the Boulevard”?….Here’s why we did: I was so excited about the Boulevard, only to get it home and find it would not work for us. Our 6 month old daugher is long and lean, 97th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Her legs are very lean, not as chubby like many babies, yet the positioning of the Boulevard buckle was such that it was ALREADY pinching her legs…and she’s only 16lbs. We could only forsee the pinching getting worse…we liked the Side Impact wings and the no threading required features so we opted for the Diplomat. The positioning of the buckle is slightly different and didn’t present the same pinching problem! Also, the more compact size is nice for airtravel and will be more versatile if we ever eed to rent a smaller vehicle or if she is travelling with a grandparent (or other) that does not have a spacious back seat…

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