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Travel light (and safe) with the IMMI GO Hybrid Car Seat Booster!


While our mission here at Magic Beans is to make your life easier, few products do so quite as dramatically as the IMMI GO Hybrid Car Seat Booster. IMMI GO car seat booster uberThis extraordinary little piece of safety equipment makes it incredibly simple to ensure your child’s safety in every car, everywhere, and every family whose children are in more than one different car on a regular basis ought to have one.

Just to provide a little background: every kid under age 8 (or under 4’9”) is required to ride in a car seat or booster, in order to ensure their safety. A five-point harness does the best job at securing younger children, and older kids need a booster to make sure the seat belt is positioned over the strongest parts of their bodies, preventing injury properly in the event of a collision. But few convertible car seats or boosters are easy to install (with important exceptions), and most of the best ones are heavy and bulky, to say the least.

The IMMI GO Hybrid Car Seat Booster, on the other hand:

  • Is incredibly portable – it weighs only 10 pounds and comes with an attached travel bag; and
  • Takes under two minutes to install, with LATCH and your car’s top tether.

In addition, it’s made to accommodate a wide age range: kids can start using it in a pinch around age 1, (although a regular rear-facing convertible car seat is better for younger kids*), and it transforms into a backless booster that can be used up to age 8 or 100 pounds. Nifty!

Because of the easy install and the fact that it’s easy to toss in your car trunk, the IMMI GO has been the car seat of choice for Uber; they explain more about why here. The same qualities also make the IMMI GO car seat terrific for the following families:

  • Families who travel a lot: Since it’s only 10 pounds, the IMMI GO is easy to carry along as part of your luggage, ensuring your kiddo a safe seat in taxis and rental cars. Granted, you CAN take along your full-sized booster, and we sell a variety of great travel bags to help you do so, but if you’re doing a lot of jet-setting, do yourself a favor and go with the IMMI GO!
  • Families who carpool to school: If your kid is riding in multiple different cars over the course of the week, it’s easy to switch the IMMI GO from car to car.
  • Families with nannies and babysitters: Make it simpler for multiple caregivers to ferry their precious charges from place to place – transfer it from your car to the nanny’s car to the sitter’s car in minutes.
  • Grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa like the grown-up look of the interior of their car, and probably don’t want a convertible car seat permanently installed for years, but they definitely want their grandkids to ride safely! (And they’ll love the easy installation.)

Finally: while you probably haven’t heard of IMMI before today, they’re a brand you can trust. How do we know? Because they make the components for all of the car seat brands you HAVE heard of! Clek, Chicco, Britax, and Peg Perego are just some of the companies that work with IMMI. So if you love their seats, rest assured that you’ll also love IMMI.

Want to see the IMMI GO Hybrid Car Seat Booster in action? Watch our video review here!

The IMMI GO has been tested and approved for forward-facing use for ages 1 and up. However, the AAP recommends keeping your child rear-facing at all times in vehicles up to age 2, and we recommend rear-facing for as long as you can manage – it’s just so much more effective at keeping kids safe! Plus, some states legally require rear-facing up to age 2. So please: keep an eye on your local laws, consult your pediatrician, and use your best judgment.



  1. LOVE this seat. No, it’s not THE tallest harness (it was quite tall in our Escape with the top tether in the ceiling, that holds the harness up taller, it fit my bitsy kiddo till about age 8, actually, in that car). It’s so deliciously low profile and easy to install, that it was my husband’s favorite seat for two reasons: He could take it in and out in seconds, and our taller kiddo couldn’t reach the seatback to kick him when she was just the size for that annoying habit (like, age 3-6).
    And currently our not-yet-expired Safeguard is by far our favorite booster seat. It’s low profile and extremely thigh-supportive and well padded, and I even begged the IMMI reps at Lifesavers to release it as a backless, because it’s so superior to every other booster I’ve owned when it comes to comfort for older kids. I’m about to put the harness back on it for our 3 year old niece, I just hope it fits in the tricky third row of the Mazda 5, because it will be a perfect tiny seat for that small spot.

  2. This is really a neat idea. My 5 year old spends a lot of time with both sets of grandparents. They have turns picking him up from school during the week and this car seat looks very transportable. Plus I like the idea that it can be packed up in its own bag when going between cars. Nice video too and it really helped explain it to me. We definitely look further in to this just for the grandparents car.

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