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NEW: The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat

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nuna rava convertible car seat



nuna rava convertible car seatRarely does a product come around that changes a category, but the Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat has just blown us away. A couple of years ago, Britax came out with their Clicktight system, which finally made car seats easier to install with a seat belt as opposed to LATCH (Lower Anchor and Tether for Children). Nuna has taken that winning formula and run with it: the Simply Secure system on the Rava takes this car seat technology to a whole new level.

Given that the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat already featured super-easy installation with rigid latch (Isofix), we expected to see a similar advance when Nuna brought their first convertible to the US. LATCH is a little trickier with convertibles, though: a 2014 change in car seat regulations made it so that parents won’t be able to enjoy the ease of installing with LATCH until about 40 pounds, as they could before. Depending on the weight limit established by the manufacturer of your convertible car seat, at some point, you will be installing your car seat with the safety belt.

So that’s why the designers at Nuna decided to bypass LATCH altogether and create an incredibly easy seat belt installation system for the Rava. Similar to the Britax Clicktight system, Simply Secure utilizes a belt tensioning plate to spare you all of the tugging and pushing that usually comes with a seat belt installation: just open the True Tension ™ door, thread the belt through, buckle it, and click the door shut for a perfect, tight install, no wiggle. It’s a beautiful thing.

We’re also psyched that the Rava is optimized to enable longer-term rear-facing. At Magic Beans we always remind our customers that riding rear facing is the safest way to ride. In fact, it’s 532% safer. Five times safer! That’s a big deal! And yes, long-legged kids can do it too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier on ‘em.

The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat not only enables long-term rear-facing with a whopping 50-pound rear-facing weight limit, but it also adds a pop-out leg rest so your bigger kid can ride “business class.” It’s a small feature that can make a big difference when you’re trying to get every day of that weight limit in.

More quick facts about the Rava:

  • The Rava offers superior side impact protection, with energy-absorbing foam and SIP pods.
  • You can operate the no-rethread 5-point harness and the 10-position head support with one hand!
  • Recline angle guides clearly confirm the perfect riding angle for the car seat, so there’s no need to read a level indicator.
  • The Rava includes integrated cupholders on both sides, which flip out or tuck away when they’re not in use.
  • Ventilation panels within the seat shell and breathable fabrics provide a comfortable ride.
  • Included, removable infant head and body inserts provide the proper support for newborns riding in the Rava.

The specs:

  • Rear-facing: Use from 5-50 pounds, or up to 49″; up to at least 2 years of age
  • Forward-facing: Use from 25-65 pounds, or up to 49″; begin use at age 2 or older
  • Item weight: 27.2 pounds


There’s a lot more to say about the Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat, so we’ve created a bunch of resources for you to check out, starting with a great demo video below. Keep an eye on our Youtube channel for comparisons to some of our other favorite car seats, and obviously, watch this space for more reviews!




  1. This seat looks awesome! I have my son in a Clek Foonf and love it but this seems so much easier for number 2. I’m curious about the height limits. My son is off the chart in height and this looks shorter than the Foonf- how does it compare?

  2. The Rava measures 16 x w 19 x h 25 in and will seat kids up to 49″ tall.

  3. When will the seat be shipped if I preorder?

  4. So far, Nuna has just told us they’ll be shipped this Fall, which means we expect them between September and November.

  5. Beverly Praetsch

    Wow how would you compare this to the Clek? Are there any in store to look at? Any word on a Uppababy convertible?

  6. We have a video on our Youtube channel comparing the Rava to the Clek Foonf:

    We don’t have floor samples of the Rava yet, but hopefully they’ll be coming soon! No word that I know of about an UPPA convertible so far.

  7. Any idea if the rava will offer rear facing tether or anti rebound bar (like the pipa)?

  8. Rava does have a top tether but it does not need to be used in rear facing mode. The seat passed all crash tests without it. At this time there is no anti-rebound bar.

  9. What is the shell height of the Rava convertible? I was all set on getting a Clek fllo but now I am wondering if this would be better as it gets a higher rear facing height limit. I want to compare the shell height of the two. Thanks!

  10. The Rava will fit a child up to 49 inches tall, while the Fllo will fit a child up to 43 inches tall.

  11. Does this fit 3 across like the foonf?

  12. Sadly, no – the Rava is a bit wider.

  13. Does the Rava have a load leg, like the Pipa? And doe sthe tether come with the seat, or do you purchase it later?

  14. The Rava doesn’t have a load leg. It does come with the tether, for use when forward-facing.

  15. This may be out of topic here but I was just wondering is it possible or rather safe to install a carseat rearfacing on a 3rd row seating in a mini-van? I have twins and a toddler and am currently using a Nuna Pipa for the twins installed on 2nd row captain seats of a toyota sienna and it is a maze trying to get in and out of the car to strap my toddler in the 3rd row. I wanted to get these for when my twins transition to a convertible (perfect timing come fall) but was wondering if I could still access the 3rd row with 2 of these Nuna Rava seats installed on the 2nd row. Any ideas on which convertibles would work for my situation? 🙂

  16. Hi Katherine! This is the sort of question that I think needs an in-depth discussion with one of our car seat experts. You can reach them in a bunch of different ways here:

    …and here:

    Call our customer service line during business hours or send the request by email, and one of our Gear Gurus will help you figure out this puzzle. I’m sure we have the right seats for you!

  17. How tall is the highest harness height?

  18. I’m not sure, but the Rava will fit kids up to 49 inches tall.

  19. Wondering is there a compatible stroller for nuna rava? Cuz rava is available from newborn so I’ do rather buy this than a infant carseat

  20. Hi Soo! The Nuna Rava is a convertible car seat, which means it isn’t designed to attach to a stroller – it’s designed to be installed long-term directly into your car, rather than on a click-and-go base. If you’re a Nuna fan and want a car seat that can click onto your stroller, I highly recommend the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat:

    The Pipa is compatible with the Nuna Tavo Stroller directly without the need for an adapter; you can also purchase adapters to click your Pipa onto most of the popular strollers in our selection.

  21. I can’t seem to find info on how to remove the cover and washing instruction for Rava. Can you provide that information? Thank you

  22. Hello,

    I live in Europe, can I buy this car seat here? Dont mind to get it shipped from US, but cant find it even on Amazon. Help! thank you!

  23. Hello
    if I combine the Nuna Tavo with the Nuna pipa could i go jogging or speed walking with it?
    Can the Nuna pipa adapt to a jogging stroller?

  24. Is there a travel bag for the Rava ?

  25. Hello! The Nuna Tavo is not a jogging stroller, no. The Nuna Pipa could adapt (with an adapter) to a jogging stroller if you purchased one, but you aren’t able to safely jog that way.

  26. Hello! Please contact our customer service team at 🙂

  27. Has anyone tried the nuna rava on a BMW X5? I am looking to put it in the rear middle seat.

    What is the best convertible car seat for an x5?


  28. Hi!

    I need to know the seated maximum harness height please! Baby is slender with a long torso, so I am searching for the car seat that will fit him for the longest time. Thank you!

  29. Hello! Maximum height is 49″.

  30. Is the cover machine washable and drier safe?

  31. Can you take off the cover and wash it in a washing machine ?

  32. Yes, but be sure to air dry after washing.

  33. The cover is machine washable, but it’s recommended that you air dry it.

  34. Check out our YouTube video with BMW cars!

  35. The Rava fabrics can be taken off and machine washed. They must be air dried to avoid any shrinking of the fabrics!

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