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CARES Harness in the air

CARESAny parent who has ever flown with a young child will understand why Louise Stoll, a grandmother of 9, was spurred into action after watching her pregnant daughter struggle through an airport with a toddler, a car seat and a diaper bag. She went to the drawing board and designed a five-point harness that could fit into a tiny bag, but was robust enough to secure a child into an airplane seat.

CARES Harness was born, and Louise Stoll won a patent and FAA approval for her invention. Since 2006, word has slowly spread among parents about this fabulous new product, but only just recently have they started selling them in retail stores. We just received our first shipment.

CARES is designed for children from 22 – 44 lbs. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who plans to fly with a child between the ages of 1 and 4. It is particularly useful from ages 2-4, when the airlines require that children have their own seats, but the airline seatbelts are woefully inadequate at keeping curious toddlers in their seats. Obviously the CARES can not take the place of a car seat for automobile travel, and if you aren’t sure if you’ll have access to a good car seat at your destination, you will still need to take one along. But maybe now you can check it with the rest of your luggage…


  1. Hi..I really love your site. I work with Child Joys Publications, we produce Mediazines (merged media magazines including web/print/DVD). I was wondering if you ever run across products that come with DVD’s that tell more about them. I am looking for that kind of content. I really like what you are doing and may want to include your blog in our Mediazine. How does that work? I’m just getting to understand the whole blogging world… Thanks, Allison

  2. Just an FYI, my sister flew on American over the summer and they wouldn’t let her use it, even though it is FAA approved and her husband is a pilot for American. She actually had to hold my niece on her lap (at 2 years old, can you imagine) although they had paid for her to have a seat. It is a wonderful new product if the airlines can get it together and actually let parents use it.

  3. You also cannot use CARES in the bulkheads of Virgin Atlantic Flights: they have special seatbelts with airbags built in. It worked in other rows on the flight to England…they have let us use CARES on Jetblue, Delta, and even on EasyJet and Ryanair in the EU.

    It is a wonderful product…if you are travelling and have no need for a carseat or can arrange a carseat at your destination CARES makes it much easier for the Mom travelling alone with two wild and wonderful little ones!

  4. I’ve heard grumblings about airline flight attendants who aren’t aware of the CARES and its certification. I remember when I used the Sit n’ Stroll with my oldest five years ago, and some flight attendants gave me a very hard time, even though it had been around for years. I don’t think it’s an airline-wide issue, but a question of how familiar (or unfamiliar) the individual flight attendants are with the available products on the market.

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