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Day 15 – Britax Chaperone

Britax ChaperoneThere’s a lot to love about the new Chaperone car seat from Britax. Mostly, I’m just glad it exists. Britax has had a very hard time getting traction in the infant car seat category. For a while, they were really fixated on having a proprietary travel system, and it’s refreshing to see that they’ve finally designed a seat that they intend to be used with other strollers. This is good, because Britax is a fabulous car seat company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who wants a Britax car seat will also want a Britax stroller.

The Chaperone is a well-designed seat with all the good features you’d hope for, with the Britax name attached. It has a quick-adjust headrest, which also moves the straps up and down without rethreading – a very convenient perk. They’ve also incorporated True Side Impact Protection technology into the headrest. Most interesting is the anti-rebound bar. There are two schools of thought on how infant car seats should perform in a crash. Most infant car seats are built to rebound against the back seat upon impact, cocooning the baby between the protective shell and the back of the seat. Britax believes firmly that the seat shouldn’t budge in a crash, and the bar braces the seat, keeping it in securely in place. Sounds good to me.

The Chaperone is our Day 15 giveaway in our 31 Days of Giveaways celebration. Enter to win.

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