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Day 16 – Valco Trimode Stroller

Valco TrimodeWay back, at the very beginning of Magic Beans, before the store was even open, I was working out of my kitchen. One day, the phone rang, and the voice on the other end asked if I’d ever considered trying Valco strollers in my store. I knew two things right off the bat. One, he had no idea he was talking to a frazzled mom on her kitchen phone, and two, the only possible source of this phone number was the Mountain Buggy website, where we had been listed as an Authorized Dealer only a day or two earlier. I admired his initiative and agreed to meet with him.

A few days later, two Lubavitch Jewish men from Brooklyn showed up at my front door, their small car loaded with strollers. And thus began a long and wonderful friendship with Shalom New and his Valco crew.

The Valco Trimode is our Day 16 giveaway. It is far and away the most versatile all-terrain stroller on the market, and it can be adapted in several different ways. For a newborn, you can remove the seat and mount a bassinet in its place. Or use it with a car seat adapter. For a toddler, it’s a great stroller with smooth handling and a very comfortable seat. For two kids, you can add a toddler seat to the front or a wheeled board to the back. Or both! It’s a good, solid stroller from a good, solid company. Enter to win.


  1. I saw this at the store and LOVED IT!! Being a Brooklynite born and raised I enjoyed reading your post on this product! I was poking around the Hingham store with my daughter, Ava, and was truly amazed at how many beautiful and innovative products the store carries. Seriously, I could spend HOURS there! I always leave with a few things for Ava. This stroller is truly wonderful and would work for us!

  2. Thanks for the nice feedback! So glad you liked the store. If you’re on the South Shore or the Cape, that could increase your chances of winning. Six of our winners have been from that area! That’s a crazy high percentage, given the number of entries coming in every day from all over the country.

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