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Day 28 – Babysitter Balance

Babysitter BalanceWe’ve had our fair share of funny coincidences surrounding these giveaways. Like all the winners from the South Shore area, one of whom even won twice! But we weren’t laughing when we got a call that our scheduled giveaway for today was going to coincide with a voluntary recall announcement. Yep, that’s right, today’s giveaway is the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance, and at 8am today, the CPSC will announce a recall. What are the odds?

Never mind that the issue was incredibly minor, or that all the current inventory was completely fine. We were thrown for a loop. What should we do? Swap it out for something else? It wasn’t an easy decision. But the truth is, the Babysitter Balance is a phenomenal product, and given the nature of the recall, we decided to go with it.

Please don’t stress over this – basically, they found that 7 units out of 15,000 in Japan had small fragments of metal buried in the seat fabric. So even though they are fairly sure it was a very isolated manufacturing mistake (and no babies were injured), they are asking consumers to send back their seats to Baby Swede (the US distributor for Baby Bjorn), where they’ll pass them through a metal detector and make sure they’re free and clear. At the same time, Baby Bjorn is planning to upgrade the warning labels with a few extra red flags to prevent any possible misuse of the seat. As soon as I get the CPSC announcements with instructions, I’ll link to it here. Read the complete recall announcement here. Most importantly, the seat we’re giving away is completely unaffected by the recall.

When our middle child was born 5 years ago, I got the earlier version of this product, the Babysitter 123. It is one of the few products I wouldn’t want to live without, especially during the early weeks of infancy. Check out the pictures of me sitting in an adult-size one at the ABC show this past September. Then, enter to win.


  1. i shared this on facebook

  2. Love your fun month of giveaways! Thanks for letting us all participate! I just read on that the Babysitter Balance is being recalled. Is this the same one in the giveaway? Wanted to give you a heads up, as this seems like a brand new voluntary recall. Sorry to maybe be the bearer of bad news.
    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Margie. If you’ll read carefully in the post above, you’ll see that we were definitely aware of the recall. The item we gave away was not affected by it, though, and all of our current stock is fine, too. So glad you’re enjoying the giveaways!

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