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Daytrippin’ with Maclaren

Maclaren ShowroomToday, I spent the day visiting the US headquarters of Maclaren in Norwalk, CT. We were invited for a sneak preview of the 2008 product line, which will be shown at the ABC Show next month in Las Vegas. It was a great opportunity to see the new products away from the hullabaloo of the trade show, and it was nice to visit the people behind the products.

I was not allowed to take pictures, though I did take one of the amazing window display in their showroom – that stroller is sculpted out of wood! I’ve been promised that I will receive a complete set of digital images before the ABC Show, and I will share those as soon as I get them. Meanwhile, hopefully I can be descriptive enough that you’ll get the idea. There are some details that I’ve been asked not to disclose until the show, so I will have a bit more to add once I’m in Vegas.

Overall, we were very impressed with the lineup. There were no earth-shattering new releases – the basic frames are remaining unchanged. But the designers have spent a lot of time thinking about the details – the colors, the fabrics, the straps, and all the other finishing touches. Most of the models have sleek-looking new wheels, and all of them will feature a new harness clip design.

Maclaren Volo
The Volo has a great new look. It’s slightly sportier looking than last year’s model, and the color accent has gone from a horizontal stripe to a curvy vertical treatment. The color selection is not finalized yet. Maclaren is also working on a web-based kiosk for retailers that would allow people to customize their own Volo stroller. Basically, you choose a frame color, a seat color, a hood color, a harness color, and (optionally) a seat pad color. Then, Maclaren custom builds your stroller and ships it directly to your door. They are testing this at FAO Schwarz exclusively until the end of the year, when it will roll out in other places.

The Triumph has not changed very much since last year. They are contemplating new colors and some cool accents, but nothing is finalized yet. The wheels are the same as last year’s model.

The new 2008 Quest boasted the best new features in the line. Most notably, it will have a carry strap, like the Triumph and Volo models do. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re trekking through an airport, it is so much more convenient to sling your stroller over your shoulder than it is to try and carry it horizontally using a small handle. Trust me – this is a great addition. The Quest also has a redesigned hood that features a great new window and a little pocket, too. The fabric has been upgraded, and the Quest Sport is really just beautiful all around. It even has nice color detail on the handlebars. I loved the Quest Mod, too, though I don’t think I could possibly describe it – you’ll have to wait for the pictures.

Techno XLR and XT
No substantial changes here, aside from new fabric options. They are going to continue to offer the XT in a gray base with lots of color choices for the Comfort Packs.

Twin Triumph
Again, only changes here are to the fabric choices.

Twin Techno
The new Twin Techno, like the Techno XT, will only come in gray. Then, included in the purchase price, you can choose two Comfort Packs to customize the look. Additional Comfort Packs will be available, and as an added convenience, the Comfort Packs will fit both the Twin and the single XT. I think this is a great idea. I love that you can choose a different color to suit the personality of each little passenger.

Designer Series
Shanghai TangMaclaren has done some great limited edition strollers with designers like Kate Spade and Lulu Guinness in the past. The 2008 lineup includes striking new models from both of these, but there are a couple of new names, too. Shanghai Tang is an up-and-coming Chinese luxury brand whose designs blend Chinese culture with contemporary style. Their stroller is a knockout (see the picture). It is based on the Quest frame and it includes a coordinating footmuff. Also, there will be a Lacoste stroller, based on the Ryder frame. It is a light colored background covered in a pattern of those signature green crocodiles. It comes with a Lacoste infant-size polo shirt and hat. It’s really cute.

Incidentally, I was surprised to discover that Norwalk is a great little town. There’s a beautiful aquarium, and lots of interesting shops. We had a fabulous dinner at Pasta Nostra, and then made a pitstop at Chocopologie, the chocolate cafe owned and operated by Fritz Knipschildt, a world-famous chocolatier. I will definitely stop here with my kids next time I’m driving down to New York.


  1. When will the new 2008 Maclaren strollers be available in stores?

  2. They are slated to come in around Thanksgiving. Of course that’s always subject to change, but Maclaren is pretty consistent.

  3. Will the Maxi Cosi car seat fit on the XLR model? What major changes will occur with the XLR if any?

  4. I am interested in purchasing the lacoste stroller I just sawin the cookie magazine for my son.. When can I get it to order.. I really want this!!

  5. REALLY want this Lacoste stroller too! when will they hit stores?

  6. The Lacoste stroller should be available around October 15th. If you’d like to preorder, just let me know and I’ll take care of it for you.

  7. Do you ship to Canada?
    I am in Canada and just happened to stummble on your site a few months back.


  8. Hi Elisabeth,
    We do ship many items to Canada. Contact me directly and tell me what specifically you are looking for.
    Take care,

  9. Hi Sheri,
    I was wondering how you liked the kate spade quest for 2008. Is it much different than her 2006 and 2007 pippin park model? Also when will it be available to purchase?

  10. I am looking for the LuLu Guiness Bed of Roses footmuff – I have the stroller but can’t locate the matching footmuff anywhere in the US – can you help? Thanks in advance!

  11. Thank you so much for the “sneak peek” pics! I was wondering when the ’08 twin triumph will be available. I am in desperate need for my 3 mo. old and 19 mo. old, and I’d rather have the ’08 if it’s available soon. Will it be Oct. 15-ish like the Lacoste? Thanks!

  12. I was really interested in the 2008 quest sport. Do you know if it will have a retractable hood and what the price will be on it? I was also curious to know about the colors it will come in. Thank you.

  13. Southern Mom – I’m told that all of these models will be available in early December.

    Carrie – The Quest Sport has the same sort of hood as the 2007 models. The greatest improvement is the carry strap and the seat fabric. I don’t have a final count of the colors it is coming in, but I know it’s at least 4. I will check on that for you.

  14. We just had twins and a family member wants to buy us the 2007 Twin Techno in orange. Is it worth waiting for the 2008 model? Any advice? Are there any designer series for the twin strollers? Thanks!

  15. Nancy,
    First of all congratulations! How are you feeling? I’m sure you’ve got your hands full. As for the Twin Techno, if you like the orange, go for it. There aren’t really any substantial changes for 2008, except for the color situation (see above). For what it’s worth, though, I will often recommend the Twin Triumph for families with twins, over the Twin Techno. Obviously it depends on where you live, your lifestyle, etc., but I find that parents with twins often end up buying a bigger double stroller for heavy-duty use (like the Mountain Buggy, Valco, Baby Jogger types), and the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a better complement to those types of strollers since it is smaller and lighter than the Twin Techno. If you think you’ll only get one type of twin stroller, the Twin Techno is the better choice, since it’s more fully-featured and robust than the Twin Triumph.

    As for designer colors, there aren’t any available now. But some of the new Comfort Packs are pretty funky. And actually, it would be a nice idea for them to do a designer series of Comfort Packs – hey Maclaren – are you reading this?

    Anyway, you probably got more than you bargained for. I hope this helps!

  16. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate your advice regarding the Triumph vs. Techno. We live in San Francisco so I will definately look into it. Someone gave us the double BOB stroller so it make sense to purchase a lighter stroller. Talk to you soon!

  17. Will the Maclaren XLR have the new break system and warranty? What are the new colors?

  18. I am about to purchase the 2007 carbon volo. Would you wait for the 2008?

  19. I want to purchase the quest sport for an upcoming trip but would rather have the 08 model. Can you tell me when this is due to be released?

  20. I have fell in love with the lacoste stroller do you know if it will be coming out in the uk or if there is any site that would ship to the uk thanks alot becca

  21. Hi , i would like information about a store near Norwalk Ct

  22. do you know the new colors for the techno xlr for 2008? i am trying to decide if i should buy the blue now or wait…thanks

  23. I met with MacLaren at the ABC Show in Las Vegas and they said that they were only making 1000 Lacoste strollers. At the show one vendor purchased 700 of the 1000 so they will be pretty hard to find.

  24. just wanted to let all the ladies know that according to a Maclaren staff member the 2008 models will not be available untill EARLY JANUARY. Possibly the 2nd week. I also asked her about pricing and she suggested I call back at the end of next week. I spoke to the rep today (12-07-07) around 1:30 or so….HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!!

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