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Double the fun

Well, well, well. Look who just joined the party. After seeing a steady rise in popularity with the e3 single buggy, we’ve just received our first shipment of the new e3 Twin. The body style is reminiscent of the Mountain Buggy Urban Double or the Valco Twin Runabout, with two front swivel wheels. It pushes beautifully and looks sharp, with classic e3 styling and colors. It’s narrow enough to fit through almost any doorway, and the seats are quite tall. The handlebar has an adjustable ratchet, which is a nice improvement over the single. The seats offer two recline positions, basically up or down (all the way down). It’s really a nice option for twins or siblings close in age.

The price is somewhat steep at $649.99, $30 more than the Mountain Buggy and $75 over the Valco Twin. I expect a lot of people will ask whether the pricing is a reflection of the quality, and I’m not sure I can answer that yet. In my mind, the Mountain Buggy is still the gold standard. Those frames are incredibly tough, and I have seen them take an incredible amount of abuse (anyone remember that building collapse?). Time will tell, but for the time being, I won’t hesitate to recommend it to customers shopping that category.

As I see it, people trying to choose between the three options will want to compare handling, features, weight, ease of fold and reliability. But at the end of the day, I suspect a lot of final decisions will be made based on style and appearance.

Bummer alert: For fans of the e3’s ingenious doubles conversion system, you’ll be disappointed to hear that this stroller can not convert to carry more children. For that, you’ll have to stick with the Valco Twin with Toddler Seat or the Mountain Buggy with Kiddy Board. No word yet on whether the e3 Twin will accept a Kiddy Board or a Buggy Board, but given that Regal-Lager distributes both products, I would hope so.

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