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August is National Breastfeeding Month! (And: did you know that you can breastfeed at our stores?)

world breastfeeding month

It should seem obvious that, given that we’re in the business of providing absolutely everything for babies, we totally support breastfeeding (and all feeding choices – babies gotta eat!). However, you’d be surprised at all the different places where moms have been told not to breastfeed their babies. As lactation counselor and blogger Amber Hinds writes, it’s useless and backwards to claim to support breastfeeding but not public breastfeeding, because:

“Being told that she can’t nurse somewhere could be the thing that makes someone stop breastfeeding.

“I remember in vivid detail the nervousness I felt the first time I nursed Nora outside of our home. It was at a time when I was still fighting engorgement, leaky breasts and a painful latch. It was long before I felt comfortable with much of parenting, let alone unbuttoning my shirt in front of others, but I realized that I would need to get over that hurdle if I wanted to meet my one-year breastfeeding goal. So one night, I took advantage of a party at a local maternity/baby boutique, slipped Nora into a sling and headed out. There were plenty of moms and babies there breastfeeding, which made it feel safe…

“Going to that party turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for my breastfeeding confidence. I’ll never forget a friend’s amazing husband (to whom I had just been introduced) who sat across the room from me while Nora nursed, and who talked me like a normal person as if nothing was going on. His complete non-reaction to breastfeeding was exactly what I needed to start building my confidence in my ability to mother Nora through breastfeeding.”

So it bears repeating: we support breastfeeding 110%, and we’re quite happy to provide a comfy place for you to sit down, relax, and feed your child at any of our six store locations.

To celebrate National Breastfeeding Month, here are a few more ways we support breastfeeding:

essential-nursing-tank-bra-black-bravado-designs-ENT1) Nursing gear aplenty! Yes, breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy… and it doesn’t mean that a pair of functioning boobs are the only equipment that you’ll need. Nursing pillows, nursing bras, nursing covers, and other key equipment will make it so much easier. And don’t forget a luxuriously comfy nursing chair: our ergonomic rockers and gliders provide the perfect support for your tired bod during late-night feedings. And you DESERVE it, mama!

2) Acelleron: Whether you’re going right back to work after your maternity leave is over or not, you’re probably going to want a breast pump, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you’re eligible for a free one through your insurance. But insurance companies are a pain in the rear, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Acelleron Medical Products, who make it super-simple to get your pump. Just ask any customer service rep at any of our stores to get you the paperwork – your OB will fill it out and send it to Acelleron, and then Acelleron will contact you and let you know what your pump options are, depending on your insurer and your state. It’s so much easier! Read a review of their services here.

And finally, some humor: Kristina Kuzmic exposes the silliness of arguments against public breastfeeding. (Don’t worry, she’s being sarcastic!)


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