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Fender Senders

Rear GuardsThe Phil and Ted’s e3 has been explosively popular over the past few months. Parents love how the nimble single stroller can be reconfigured to carry two children. But in the two-toddler position, one child sits close to the ground and, therefore, close to the wheels. As expected, many curious hands got very grimy. There was a small outcry, but by and large, most parents felt that it was a small price to pay for the overall convenience of the design. But Phil and Ted’s is a responsive company, and they really wanted to solve this problem. Now they have done it. They’ve created plastic wheel guards that fit over the rear tires to keep little fingers at bay. Our most recent shipment of strollers includes this accessory in every box, but for anyone who would like to retrofit, you can contact Regal-Lager directly at 800-593-5522. They are not distributing them for sale to retailers at this time.

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