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Fussy baby? Put away the car keys.

EZ-RiderWhen you’re bleary-eyed in the middle of the night with an inconsolable, shrieking newborn, you’ll do practically anything to soothe the savage beast. Conventional wisdom has it that colicky babies often calm down with a ride in the car, or, in a pinch, strapped into a carseat on top of a running clothes dryer. Something about those vibrations help fussy and exhausted babies to pull themselves together and fall asleep at last.

But it’s not a great idea to be driving around the block like a zombie with a baby in the back seat waiting for sleep to envelop both of you. And not everyone has easy access to a clothes dryer. This was the concept behind the Baby EZ-Rider, a sleek little platform that, I swear, feels and sounds exactly like the top of a running clothes dryer (or riding in a car, I suppose). The EZ-Rider can run on 4 D batteries or an included AC adapter, and universally accepts all standard automobile infant carriers. The design is clearly automobile-inspired, and the controls are nice and simple. The EZ-Rider will retail for $74.95.

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  1. This is a lifesaver!!!!! Fantastic new product. I find, each and every day life is becoming a tiny bit easier for parents as new products are produced to help us get through tough times with our wee ones AND colick is not fun. Great review! Thanks!

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