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Giveaways Day 12 – Bloom Alma Crib

Bloom Alma Urban Crib and Mattress The first time I saw the Bloom Alma Crib, I was ushered inside a curtained room at the ABC show in Las Vegas by Simon May, the owner of Bloom. He promised to show me something that would amaze me – and he did. Although it was barely more than a prototype, the Alma crib was impressive. Here was a crib that offered all the depth and sturdiness of a full-size crib in half the space, plus it had an ingenious folding design that made it go completely flat for storage. Basically, I told him, it’s a grandparent’s dream.

When the Alma launched last summer it did not disappoint. Parents and grandparents immediately understood the benefit of having a portable crib that was substantial yet compact. The Alma’s good looks were another point in its favor, especially in design-conscious households. To seal the deal, Bloom was smart to incorporate organic and natural materials into the bedding and mattress. The Alma is certainly not the most cost-effective travel crib out there, but it is the nicest and, in many ways, the most versatile.

The small size of the Alma Crib makes it a tight squeeze for babies over the age of 2. But up until then, you’re likely to get plenty of use out of this.

The Alma Crib is our Day 12 Giveaway. Enter to win!

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  1. It is such a beautiful bright green that I am certain any baby will enjoy it.

  2. i just can’t get over how much nicer this “foldaway” crib is than a pack ‘n play! impressively cool.

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