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Giveaways Day 13 – Skip*Hop Playspot & Rody

Skip*Hop Playspot and RodyIf you’re going to bounce, you’d better have something soft to land on – that’s what I always say. In today’s giveaway, we’re doing just that. We’re giving away one of our best-selling toys, a Rody, and we’re teaming that up with the fabulous Skip Hop Playspot, an interlocking foam mat that will cover a good size portion of your playroom – certainly enough to create a sizeable landing pad for victims of a bucking Rody.

The Rody is one of those iconic products that’s often duplicated, but no imitation I’ve seen comes close to the original. This thing is amazingly strong. I have bounced extensively on ours and it didn’t pop – that’s saying something. It is one of my son’s absolute favorite toys, and he goes totally nuts bouncing on it and squealing with delight.

The Skip Hop Playspot is even more popular than the Rody. It’s a stylish alternative to those bright play mats adorned with letters and numbers and plenty of primary colors. The squares interlock easily, and the center circles pop out so you can create interesting patterns and designs. It is the quickest path to a playroom makeover that is fresh and modern, yet totally functional too. Enter to win this prize package now.

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  1. Hey I was just wondering who one day 13. I didn’t get an email today.

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