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Giveaways Day 15 – Clek Oobr Booster Seat

Clek Oobr Booster SeatWhen we first opened Magic Beans 6 years ago we had a 2 year old and an infant and the bulk of our expertise was in the realm of baby and toddler products. When it came to booster seats we were clueless, like many parents. At that point there was no booster seat law in Massachusetts, and people just didn’t understand the importance of keeping kids in booster seats. How many times have we heard parents say, “it just raises the kids up, it’s not so important.”

Fortunately six years later parents (us included) are better informed about the importance of keeping children in booster seats. But how many know the precise height at which it is safe to use a seatbelt alone? It’s 4’9″ – the size of an average 11 year old. Booster seats can reduce injury for kids under that height by 58%. But as kids get older, they’re understandably hot to trot to get out of the “baby seat”, That’s where Clek Oobr comes in.

After years of sitting in baby barcaloungers, kids are so attracted to this fun, cool and comfortable booster. Parents appreciate the careful consideration to safety and aesthetics, and especially the quality of materials in Oobr. There’s a magnesium back frame, a deep, protective structural headrest that’s connected via steel to magnesium, and the seats are wrapped in Crypton Super Fabrics, one of the most durable, stain resistant fabrics on the planet. The rigid LATCH connection system installs in a heartbeat and keeps the seat securely in place. The seat back can even recline if the seat is installed using LATCH.

Kids love the thickly cushioned seat, which is designed to ward off “numb-bum” on long car trips, and the convenient Drink Thingy that attaches to the side of the seat. But most of all, they love the way Oobr looks. Whether it’s a Paul Frank style or a simple solid color, kids feel jazzed about sitting in these seats. Getting kids engaged in carseat safety and getting in the habit of buckling up every time is so important, because, while parenting is all about choosing your battles, some things are just non-negotiable.

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  1. This car seat looks sooo awsome! 😛

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