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Giveaways Day 17 – Beaba Babycook Prize Pack

Beaba Babycook Prize PackA few weeks ago, the contestants on Top Chef: DC were given an unusual challenge. They had to create a restaurant-quality meal that would also taste good if pureed into baby food. There were two winning dishes, Tamesha’s salmon with vegetable chowder, lobster stock, Thai basil, and licorice oil and Kenny’s curried chicken, mango salad, confit of butternut squash, and Maitake mushrooms. Talk about gourmet baby food.

Consider those as inspiration for what you could do if you had a Beaba Babycook. The Beaba Babycook is an invaluable tool for parents who want to make their own baby food (and especially for those who are afraid to try). It steams and purees fresh food in small batches, all in one easy-to-use machine.

I talked to my sister, who is a devoted fan of the Babycook – she barely used any store-bought food for her son. She cooked all kinds of fruits and vegetables – apples, pear, squash, broccoli, green beans, carrots, peas – and then she also made combinations – apple and pear, apple and butternut squash, carrots and squash. Each batch made about seven 2-ounce servings, which she froze and then used one each day for a week.

Making a big batch of baby food involves using a pot and taking out the food processor, which gives you two big things to wash, and then if you make something your baby doesn’t like, you’re stuck with a ton of it. The Babycook is a “set it and forget it” appliance, so there’s no fire on the stove. It’s easy to clean and easy to get the hang of it, even for non-cooks.

Your biggest problem will be figuring out what to do with the leftover fresh produce (it can be hard to find in correspondingly small batches). But if you can work that into your diet, all the better for everyone.

If you’re looking for recipes, Beaba recently released the Babycook Book, which has 85 recipes created by a dad who also happens to be a French chef at a bistro in Paris. I also found a great Beaba recipe on Vanilla Pumpkin, a blog about homemade babyfood, for Steamed Parmesan Carrots and Parsnips that sounds delicious if not quite up to the standards of Top Chef. If you have or use a Babycook, what are your favorite recipes?

Today’s giveaway is a prize package with a Beaba Babycook, a Multiportions Tray and a set of four Beaba Soft Spoons.

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One comment

  1. Every since the Beaba Babycook came out, this has been one product that I have been dying to try.
    I make all of my own baby food using the old school approach and have amassed quite a bunch of tools…pots, steamer basket, Cuisinart, massive food mill and a bazillion ice cube trays and little containers (to name a few 😉 When we went to Israel, I had to take over my MIL’s kitchen to steam and puree all of my organic produce…particularlly for situations like those, I would kill for a micro electronic device that would help me remain in my hotel room!
    I’m thinking that it might work well for small batches of jam as well…

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