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Giveaways Day 22 – Nook Pebble Mattress

Nook Pebble Crib MattressThe success of a new product is determined by three things. First, the quality of the product itself, second, the strength of the marketing behind the product, and third, the price. When a product has intrinsic excellence, strong marketing, and a rational price it’s practically unstoppable. With two out of three, it might have a fighting chance. And even a phenomenal product — if it’s marketed poorly and priced wrong — will probably fail.

We’re so excited about Nook Sleep Systems because the company has developed a very unique and appealing product line, and the people inside the company are passionate, smart and creative marketers. And price? Well it is more expensive than most crib mattresses, but after seeing it in person, I think the price is properly aligned with the quality of materials and the overall innovation. And, sure enough, with all three pieces in place, parents are really excited about the Pebble Mattress.

The Nook Pebble Mattress is our Day 22 giveaway. Read my blog post from last month or watch our video to get the skinny on Nook. But first, enter to win.

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