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Travel Advisory: GoGo Kidz

Flying with little babies is pretty easy. Take the infant car seat and a wheeled carrier frame and you’re good to go. But once the baby has outgrown the infant seat, airline travel gets bleaker and parents become pack mules. The car seat is a big problem. It’s big and heavy and you don’t really have any place to put it while you’re trying to navigate the airport. Plus you have a stroller and about a hundred other things to keep track of. The new GoGo Kidz Travelmate is a pretty clever solution. It attaches to the back of a Britax car seat, so you can strap your kid in and push it like a stroller or pull it like a suitcase. Once you get on the plane, you can strap the seat into the airplane seat without removing the attachment (but you should remove the Travelmate for use in automobiles). It’s lightweight (5 lbs.) and easy to use. Kudos to Gogo Babyz for designing something that will really make life easier for parents on the go.Looking for alternatives? Check out the Sit n’ Stroll, a convertable carseat with wheels that pop out for strolling on demand, or the Pac-Back, a great invention that enables parents to comfortably wear a carseat like a backpack.

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