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GT stands for Good Thinking?

Everyone has been waiting and wondering what’s happening with Phil and Ted’s. At the ABC show in September, they showed a very early concept of a new version of their popular e3 stroller. Last month, they debuted the Sport, an updated version of the e3 that offered some nice improvements, but not a substantial change to the design.

Now, at the JPMA, Phil and Ted’s showed the new GT. While the form factor is the same, the design is quite different. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos, but I did get a lot of information. The GT will be about 20% lighter than the Sport, due to an aluminum frame, instead of steel alloy. The design features more contemporary contours than the Sport, and it’s styled to appeal to urban sophisticates.

The brake has been relocated from the rear axle to the handlebar, making it much easier to engage when there’s two kids in the stroller. The seat has much more substantial cushioning and a slightly different recline system that offers a neat configuration that drops the recline flap without actually reclining the seat, making a nice, large compartment for extra storage. The doubles seat also offers nicer padding, as well as a two-position recline.

It’s not the first thing you’d notice, but the stroller harness is very cool. It has a patent pending design that effortlessly adjusts to the height of the child, eliminating the need to rethread the straps as the child grows.

The parcel tray is larger, the canopy is better, and there’s an integrated sun shield. The doubles seat attachment system is different, and no longer requires those tricky L-Clips for installation on the front of the stroller.

The Phil and Ted’s GT is supposedly going to be available in July, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if that’s the case. At the show, I had the impression that they still had some work to do on the design, but I don’t have too much insight into their manufacturing process, so perhaps once everything is finalized, production will be quick. The stroller will be priced at $649 and the Doubles Kit will be $99.


  1. Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to see it! I’m due with #2 in August so I hope it comes out in time.

    Do you think these changes make it worth the extra $200+?

  2. Hi Alexis – the question of worth is a tricky one. Functionally, the Phil and Ted’s strollers are very similar. But if you boil it down, all strollers function the same – they transport kids. You can buy a $10 umbrella stroller at the drug store or a $1000 leather Maclaren, and it’s basically performing the same task. But the real value lies in all the details – quality of construction, materials, ease of use, handling, design, aesthetics, comfort, durability. All these things added together can justify the extra expense, depending on the preferences and priorities of the person who’s making the purchase.

    In this case, the most striking difference is aesthetic. There are some nice upgrades to ease of use, materials and comfort, too. If those things are important to you, it will be worth the extra money to have the newer model. Does that help?

  3. I am very interested in the new model as the improved break system appeals, as I find the current system clumsy.

    I rang the Australian distributor in Sydney (19/5/07) re the GT model and they said that it had not come to fruition. As far as they know the sport model is all that there is for the moment. I rang some large baby supply stores and they also did not seem to know anything about it.

    However, I am not sure if they would tell us if a new model is to be released as it would lead to devaluing and discounting of the current model.

    I need to purchase a pram soon and don’t want to buy one only to have a new model released. I have searched on the internet to find other confirmation of the new model but have had no luck. If anyone else gets any infomration please reply.

  4. Sara,
    I did see the new model in Orlando last month. It was still a prototype and still seemed to have a way to go before it was ready for production, but they were estimating the GT would be in stores prior to the large trade shows in September (the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and the Kind+Jugend show in Cologne). If you need to purchase before August, I don’t think you should wait.

    I do find it strange that the Australian distributor doesn’t acknowledge that the GT is forthcoming. Usually your theory about not wanting to devalue the current model would be spot on, but in this case the GT will not replace the Sport – Phil and Ted’s is planning to offer both models concurrently.

  5. Hi there, any idea what colors the GT will be offered in?? Sure sounds cool and I may want to upgrade from the e3!!

  6. At the JPMA show, they were displaying the GT in an interesting blue color that was sort of in between turquoise and royal blue, if I’m remembering correctly. But that was just a sample, and it didn’t seem like they had nailed down their color palette at all yet. As soon as I know more, I’ll post.

  7. A supplier reported that the launch of the GT is in August in NZ. I am not sure how long it takes to get from launch to shop floor in Australia?

  8. Hi,I thought I had just bought the best Phil & Teds Sport!!Now I find out there bringing out a new,better model.Could you please let me know if anyone finds out the expected launch month in the UK !!I will just have to have one,I am addicted to them!!

  9. Any more word on when these will be out?

  10. I will check on the UK launch. As far as I know, they are still due to arrive near the end of the summer. I’ll see if there’s any new information…

  11. Have you heard anyting yet? I cant wait. We are due with number two in Oct. and cant wait to get the new model, the new features sound like they are worth the wait

  12. I’m not due until March with number two so I shoudl have tiem to get the new one (yay!), BUT I am in the States. Does anyone know if there’s a long lag time between launch in NZ and US? Thanks!

  13. Damn lol!!!
    Just purchased the new sports typical timing grrrrr
    Alsohad word from a reputable Baby Outlet, who informed me that they spoke to the “Phil &Ted” supplier and the model was just a Proto Type at a show last year?? And isn’t actually out, or looking to even be in the making as yet hmmm sounds a tad confusing – also referred to this Blurb being Published as very misleading information- and unfortunately can’t prevent such sites from making elaborate claims as such???

    Now I’m even more confused???

    Really just want to know if the new model exists and actually coming out??

  14. Hi Tracca,
    Thanks for your comment – I’m reporting exactly what I was told at the JPMA show in April. Based on our last update from Regal Lager, the GT has been delayed, and will apparently arrive in the early Fall. The model I saw in April was most certainly a prototype. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear. From what we were told, the GT is on its way. I’ve learned not to count my chickens, though, so I’ll believe it when I see it. The best place to get information will be at the ABC show in Las Vegas in the beginning of September, so I expect I will have plenty to report after that. Don’t regret purchasing the Sport. It’s a great stroller, and it’s a bird in the hand…

  15. Thanks for your feedback Sheri-Cheers!

  16. Hi,

    I too will wait until the end of the year to see if the new model willl be released. I actually called Phil & Ted’s head office, and was advised that the GT model is still just a protype. It will be showed off at the tradeshow in September, but he didn’t know when it will be go to production.

    Hope this info was helpful …

  17. Is there any information about what weights it will carry? My concern is that my number 2 will be too heavy for a 15kg seat soon, my number 1 is already ~15kg, so she can’t use the toddler seat.
    I’d love it if the toddler seat would carry more than 15kg, maybe 17kg, like twin prams.

    Also, the GT, if it is released, which country will it be released in first? And when?

  18. I haven’t been able to get information. I keep trying, but I’m having no luck. As for the second seat weight limit issue, maybe look at a Valco Runabout Trimode. It has a toddler seat that fits onto the front of the stroller. It doesn’t recline, but it has a higher weight limit of 45lbs (over 20kg).

  19. OOH I’m so excited to see the GT with my own eyes, to feel it and to testdrive it!!!!
    I have the E3 V2 and was thinking of upgrading to a Sport. But it wasn’t at all like the GT (more a bit improved E3) so I’m hoping to get the GT before the end of 2007…
    I would even consider having another kid just to have an excuse for buying the GT… LOL

    Thanks for your info!!!!!!!

    Kindest regards,
    Pia (Belgium)

  20. So today is the big day of the start of the ABC Show! Are You at it Sheri? Any news? Soo excited!

  21. There is news at last – read my new post about it by clicking here.

  22. Hi

    I’m currently looking at 3 wheeled strollers and am looking for something compact, light and convenient. Interested to know how does Phil & Ted compare to Urban Mountain Buggie, which is at least $200 more?

  23. Hi Christie,
    The P&T is definitely lighter, narrower and feels slightly more compact than the Mountain Buggy, but if you’re only planning to use it with one child, I personally prefer the Mountain Buggy. I think it has a smoother ride and more responsive handling. I also find the recline on the Mountain Buggy to be more convenient than the one on the P&T, though the P&T goes completely flat. The car seat adapter for the Mountain Buggy is better designed and easier to use than the P&T. My advice is, if you think you’ll eventually use your stroller with two children, choose the P&T, otherwise, stick with the Mountain Buggy.

  24. Hi!

    I am interested in the P&T sports. I bought a Triton Trekker 5 years ago for my son and only used it a couple of times because it was heavy and bulky and didn’t fit through the checkouts properly. I now have a 17mth old and a baby due in June so was wondering if you thought this is the best 2 child pram on the market before I go wasting $800 again!!


  25. Hi Katie,
    I do think for a 2-year age spread, the P&T is the best option on the market, if you want something narrow. My kids are 23 months apart, and we got very good use out of our e3. Hope that helps!

  26. Do you know if any improvements are in plan to readjust or “fix” the foot brake on the Sport? It is almost impossible to unlock it with my foot. I always have to bend down and use my hand to unlock it.

  27. i have read that the gt is to be releised in the uk in sept 2008. do you think i should wait for this model or go for the sport.when needed i will have a new born and a 2year old. let me know cheers kay

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