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Hauck: the sound of music

Apples Upon arriving at the show, our first stop was the Hauck booth. We were drawn in partly by the shiny rows of strollers, partly by the long entryway into the booth that was lined with cartons of gleaming green apples and partly by the amazing bar that took up about half of their exhibit space. It was pretty sweet. Oh, and the strollers. Well, Hauck makes the Rock Star Baby and the I’coo, which we carry, as well as a number of other products that are not distributed yet in North America. The Rock Star Baby license seems to be a success for Hauck, and they are expanding on it.

The coolest new thing, though, is an Apple licensed version of the Pico and Rock Star Baby that will have an iPod dock build into the canopy. Combi attempted something similar to this about five years ago, installing speakers into the canopy, with a connector that could plug into a (insert audible gasp here) walkman, but it never took off. This was probably an idea that came before its time, and my guess is that it will be better received in the iPod iteration.

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